Spectacular Shirin Killed at Finger Lakes

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed that 4-year-old Spectacular Shirin is dead after breaking down in the 4th yesterday at Finger Lakes. In fact, although the official race chart had her as merely “pulled up, vanned off,” she was euthanized on the track – killed where she lay.

This is horseracing.


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  1. How tragically ironic – Spectacular Shirin was bred by Akindale Farm LLC. From the “Brooklyn Backstretch”, this;

    “John Hettinger, who bred and owned horses from his Akindale Farm in Pawling, New York, is well-known as the man who by some accounts virtually saved Fasig-Tipton in 1991.

    He is perhaps less well-known for his contributions to horses not at the beginning of their careers, as yearlings, but at the end, as retirees.

    He won an Eclipse Award of Merit in 2000 and founded Blue Horse Charities in 2001, one of the first organizations to focus on Thoroughbreds when their racing careers end. In 2006, two years before his death, the breeding and racing operation at Akindale expanded to include a rescue, retraining, and adoption facility [the Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue].

    Since then, it’s taken in hundreds of horses, mostly Thoroughbreds; any horse bred at Akindale has a home there for life, and the farm frequently provides a haven for horses without other options, those that are well-known and those that few have heard of.”


    In addition to the irony that the bay Spectacular Shirin (just 4 years old when she died running for owner/trainer Rafael Ramos at cheap Finger Lakes with a 5K price tag on her head) was produced by a breeding farm whose founder seemingly cared that “his” racehorses had a place to go when their racing owners didn’t want them any longer, look what the Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue’s website has to say…”When you drive down the rolling terrain [at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue] you can see huge pastures filled with horses who are living out their lives the way horses were meant to live: free, happy and unafraid.” That’s right, living how they were “meant to live” – in huge pastures filled with horses (not isolated in a stall) and free (not working for their people). The “happy and unafraid”? – We can certainly deduce their lives before coming to the rescue found the horses anything but.


    Once again, the racing industry’s system puts their horses on the path to injury and death on the track AND butchering in the slaughterhouse. Even the “good guys” cannot protect them from the inevitable.

    • Once again, the racing industry incriminates itself. It never fails to do so. Horses living out their lives in huge pastures….what? According to the apologists/exploiters, the horses would much rather be kept stalled 23 hours a day as long as their owners/trainers pat them on the forehead, kiss their noses and feed them peppermints. So which is it, apologists?

    • Thank you Joy for the informative links.How true that the “good guys” can`t protect their horses. That becomes especially so upon their passing and if their families show no interest too.

      • Joan and Fred, yes, Mr. Hettinger passed away several years ago. But his breeding/racing operation and the rescue/adoption facility continues on. How absurd to continue producing more horses, only to have them end up like Spectacular Shirin – running for low-level owners and trainers who clearly don’t have the horses’ best interests in mind.

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