“Was Pulled Up and Euthanized”

The entire Equibase note for 4-year-old Delta Code in the 10th last night at Delta Downs: “forced the early pace inside, was pulled up entering the turn and euthanized.”

“…was pulled up and euthanized.”

This, apologists, is what you call sport? Repulsive. Repulsive.


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  1. Another horse killed while racing in America – this one, a 4 y/o bay filly named Delta Code.

    Horse racing is unnecessary. Horses should NOT be dying for entertainment and gambling purposes. Millions of dollars are going from casino profits to “prop up” the horse racing industry…those same millions could go towards infrastructure, education needs…NOT to purse money.

    #horseracingkills #supportdecoupling

  2. http://www.paulickreport.com/news/people/churchill-downs-valdivia-transported-hospital-spill-fourth-race/

    Five paragraphs in this article focused on the jockey suffering an injury in this incident (and i sincerely hope he recovers well) yet just one sentence referring to this 2 year old horse being sacrificed for racing (gambling, profit, greed and big egos). This baby should never have been racing so young in the first place yet the racing industry very casually and callously regards this horse having to be euthanased as the norm.

    “Millenial, trained by D. Wayne Lukas, had to be humanely euthanized as a result of his injuries.”

    Two other babies also came down as they were unable to avoid the catastrophically injured MILLENIAL laying in the dirt, in excruciating pain, fear and shock and desperate to stay alive.

    One commenter on this article sends prayers to this colt MILLENIAL….. well mmm… a bit late for that! Oh but of course the obligatory mention of the horse.

    Yet another racehorse killed by none other than D WAYNE LUKAS you ruthless cur and his partners in crime, the owners.

    Next horse…….?

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