2-Year-Old Dead at Churchill Downs

Millenial, a 2-year-old colt, is dead after breaking down in the 4th race Thursday at Churchill Downs. In reporting the kill (which it did only because the jockey was injured), Blood-Horse says “something went amiss.” Vile, again.


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  1. http://www.paulickreport.com/news/people/churchill-downs-valdivia-transported-hospital-spill-fourth-race/

    Five paragraphs in this article focused on the jockey suffering an injury in this incident (and i sincerely hope he recovers well) yet just one sentence referring to this 2 year old horse being sacrificed for racing (gambling, profit, greed and big egos). This baby should never have been racing so young in the first place yet the racing industry very casually and callously regards this horse having to be euthanased as the norm.

    “Millenial, trained by D. Wayne Lukas, had to be humanely euthanized as a result of his injuries.”

    Two other babies also came down as they were unable to avoid the catastrophically injured MILLENIAL laying in the dirt, in excruciating pain, fear and shock and desperate to stay alive.

    One commenter on this article sends prayers to this colt MILLENIAL….. well mmm… a bit late for that! Oh but of course the obligatory mention of the horse.

    Yet another racehorse killed by none other than D WAYNE LUKAS you ruthless cur and his partners in crime, the owners.

    Next horse…….?

    • Carolyn,

      to enlighten those who are new to this group and may not know D WAYNE LUKAS can you please give background on D WAYNE LUKAS . another individual who i think should be put in jail for horse abuse.

      Thank you for your great love and compassion for horses and for all that you do on their behalf !

  2. Millenial – so sorry that you ended up in this trainers barn.
    Your chances of surviving this horrific industry was greatly reduced when you were sent to him.
    D. Wayne Lucas – a Trainer whose had multiple racehorses die under his care. Not a surprise that he trained Todd Pletcher whose had multiple racehorses die under his care just like his mentor.
    Both have a long rap sheet of multiple drug violations.
    Both are given the red carpet, carte blanche, and revered by this business that often results in the maiming, and/or killing of racehorses.
    One doesn’t have to look too far to see the systemic and legitimized animal cruelty taking place in top Trainers barns all over the country.
    When I was an active Trainer on the Kentucky circuit Lucas had many apprentice would-be Trainers work under his tutor ledge.
    I was dating one at the time.
    The stories he told me were beyond belief when it came to the ongoing abuse of racehorses, particularly 2 year-olds, that were sent to Lucas.
    He summed up his experience like this: they come into the barn, fresh from the sales or training farms, top notch, well-bred physically/mentally sound thoroughbreds, that people paid quarter million and up for.
    Within weeks, months, they were physically, mentally, and/or spiritually broken.
    They leave his barn in wheelchairs.
    He’s a brutal Trainer who rarely showed one ounce of compassion as he saw them dying in the dirt.
    Moreover, if any of you reading this doubt what I say, just read his autobiography.”The High-Rolling and Fast Times of America’s Premier Horse Trainer.”
    In this book he lays out his training philosophy. It’s similar to sink or swim.
    If they don’t live up to his brutal training regime by becoming lame, breaking down, or even dying then they sunk, and that’s fine by him.
    It was reported in his autobiography that he would visit the kill auctions and trailer horses to the then slaughterhouses located in the upper states of the U.S. He claims he needed the money while a university student.
    D. Wayne Lucas is only part of the equation because owners send their horses to him knowing exactly what they will be subjected to: a brutal horror show.
    After all, this dude laughed while recalling racehorses getting “zapped” repeatedly at Ruidoso Downs (PETA video).
    Evidently, the pain and suffering they endured didn’t garner any sympathy from this dude Lucas.
    This is an entire system of abuse from the owners to the Trainers to the jockeys.
    The antiquated business of horse racing is not unlike dog fighting. The maiming, and killing takes place in a cruelty ring (for the most part), where they are doped up to perform, and corruption is rampant.
    The racehorses are gambling pawns who get maimed and/or killed in the process.
    This must shut down. It has no place in the 21st century.

    • Gina we so appreciate your sharing of your experiences. If the horses of our state are lucky, the only 70 year old commercial track operating will be gone soon. On Facebook postings we have read that the horse people are complaining of a shortage of horses available to train / race at their track! Others of us who have thoroughbreds have found it IMPOSSIBLE to ship horses out of our state as all the shippers say they don`t come to our state! That is garbage! Those shippers HAVE to go through our state to go to the California sales! Their is an offer on the table to purchase the property our sole commercial track is located on by the BASS shops who we believe is a sport fishing supply retail store. The offer is for $36 million paid in two payments. Stronach may lose control of our track if he does`not come up with $18 million plus a little more to counter the offer which has to be completed within a year and be agreed upon by the other track owners, some of whom run their horses at their OWN track! We sicerely hope the BASS shops buyout the track and it goes the way of the dodo bird. When the track switched to shavings from straw bedding, it was clear to us they were cutting corners on horses care. That track would NEVER make it alone on in state wagering! It only manages at most $36,000 to $42,000 on total in state wagers. It survives on out of state wagering through satellite transmission to other states, primarily on the east coast we have been told.

      • I sure hope that the track gets sold. Thanks for the update.
        One racetrack shut down is a whole bunch of horses lives saved.
        Frank Stronach has stepped down as the active racetrack owner/operator due to (reportedly rumored) health issues that are being kept hush at the moment.
        Or maybe he just wants to enjoy his senior years.
        In his place?
        Enter Belinda Stronach, his daughter, who has made 8 million plus per year sitting on the board of his Magna Parts International.
        She sees their racetracks as a premier “entertainment” venue with the gambling being the source of income.
        Of course the health, and welfare of the racehorse seems to be overlooked in the article.
        At least she’s honest about it: entertainment, and wagering revenue the priority while made on the bones, backs, and lives of sentiment beings – good one.
        I suppose time will tell just where she will take this, but changing up the business to increase profits?
        Impossible to accomplish because in the end it’s the racehorses who matter most to the public, and there isn’t anybody (not even multimillionaire Belinda) who can change the fundamental operating basis which is the exploitation of sentiment beings, to the point of DYING, for gambling revenue.
        This cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit is the necessary axis of this business no matter who steers the sinking ship.

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