2 Killed Training at Belmont

While the action in NY has moved from Belmont to Aqueduct, the killing at the former continues. Saturday, according to the Gaming Commission, two horses were felled in morning practice: 3-year-old Daves Gone Bananas; 2-year-old Englehart (apparently named after his trainer, Jeremiah Englehart). NY’s 2016 Death Toll stands at 105.

Please stop betting on animal races.


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  1. Why are they still allowing these kind of races ? It’s so obovious that they are shooting them up with stilroids . These young horses should be in too good of shape to Just be dyeing! Where is the commissioner on these matters! STOP THE KILLINGS!!!

  2. Karen, there are so many things going on, including steroid use, that is detrimental to the well-being of the racehorse.
    Steroids is just one of them, but multiple joint injections, tranquilizers, Lasix, drugs intended for human cancer use and for male impotence is just some more that have been found in racehorses.
    There are a multiple of drugs allowed during the training of a racehorse (in between races) that are legally permitted.
    However, it’s the illegal doping, the doping cocktails, the snake venom that is also allegedly in use, and has been found in post-race drug tests.
    These drugs destroy the horse from the inside out – I’ve seen it with my own eyes when EPO was the drug of the day. They literally burned out their insides and were completely DONE after a few injections of this crap.
    Then there is the corruption. The drug testing process is like a piece of Swiss cheese – full of holes and not transparent. It seems likely that organized entities have control over the dope testing so it’s highly possible that they are using so many more things that we don’t even know about just to win races.
    Moreover, there seems to be strong influence into the outcome of races.
    After all, this is a business that manages itself while collecting billions in public wagering profits.
    This results in the racehorses being nothing more than gambling pawns, and for every one that dies, they just go out and buy another one.
    It’s just that simple.
    The American racehorse has become a disposable gambling commodity for the most part.
    Coupling massive casino profits with horse racing has been a disaster for racehorses.
    Their dire circumstances became even more dire once they introduced huge increase in purse money directly due to the fueling of casino profits.
    So support decoupling, sign petitions on the Grey2K website in Florida which will probably be the first state to eliminate this situation.
    I was not a fan of either Trump or Hillary. I didn’t vote for neither.
    That said, I do know an insider in the Trump camp.
    It has been rumored that Trump strongly supports DECOUPLING, and doesn’t support casinos having to provide the financing for horse racing to continue.
    He thinks that horse racing should financially support themselves which they can’t.
    Trump would never support any casino giving their profits to any other business including horse racing.
    Many of the casino owners supported Trump during the election and have brought this issue to this attention.
    Although it’s currently on the back burner while other more important issues are being addressed, it’s very possible that Trump will support decoupling in Florida and New York.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed because without casino financial support many racetracks will collapse, and that’s a good day for racehorses.

    • Yes Gina, lets hope decoupling occurs. We also would like satellite wagering discontinued too. That type of wagering is the ONLY way our local horse harming track survives.As property owners with our assets in several kinds of operations, farming, rentals, yard care, we feel all businesses should be self supporting and not be forced to subsidize other businesses.There also should be no tax subsidies for the registration of thoroughbred foals paid for by a HUB tax as is now done in our state. We don`t care if the general public does not pay the tax.The gamblers of horses should not either. The monies so raised from the tax would be better used for the education of said horse players as to the injuries and suffering of the horses there betting on! It also would be good to have unannounced drug testing for ALL participants, horses, trainers, grooms, riders etc. We have been at our track training a horse from our farm when the announcement was made over the backside PA system,” Tomorrow, test day everyone be clean”. Our horse and ourselves would have been the only ones that would have passed perfectly clean as we don`t even use aspirin when riding. We have been at our track galloping horses along side hung over trainers / riders. One trainer even drank beer for breakfast, 2 or 3 cans!

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