2-Year-Old Dies in Aqueduct Stall

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of 2-year-old Actively Saturday at Aqueduct: “died in stall – apparent colic – investigation continues.” “Died in stall…apparent colic.” Imagine this poor child’s suffering; imagine her terror.

While the Commission attempts to wash industry hands with a “non-racing” death certificate, we here at HW proclaim loudly, and clearly: You, horseracing, killed this animal, just the same as if she had snapped a leg out on the track.


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  1. This happens every day in all sorts of disciplines, not just racing. This is also not the same as a racehorse breaking it’s leg on the track.

    • Wow another racing apologist defending this despicable business they call horse racing.
      No, wrong Sarah this doesn’t happen every day in other disciplines just horse racing.
      The death facts are there.
      What exact “other” disciplines are you referring to?
      State it here so we can quickly refute your claims.
      Let’s assume your correct.
      It still doesn’t make DYING in horse racing okay – it’s not okay.
      2 wrongs don’t make a right – do the math.
      What exactly do you mean by “not the same as a racehorse breaking it’s leg on the track?”
      These horses are pushed and abused at a young age long before their musco-skeletal systems are fully developed.
      They are regularly doped, maimed and/or killed.
      Whether it’s breaking a leg or dropping dead in the dirt from an over worked, over medicated cardiovascular system it’s still the same result.
      Dying is dying, and these racehorses are DYING in the dirt every day for this pathetic excuse for gambling.
      If that’s not enough for you then go get your head examined.

      • Thank you, Gina…the same old argument the apologists offer is so incredibly asinine I’m almost embarrassed for them when they comment…it is so desperate.

  2. A horse that lives in the field can colic and die in the field also regardless of which “discipline” they participate in. It happens to horses that are just pets as well. I am an advocate of animal welfare however I find this post while sad for the horse as he for sure suffered as does any horse who colics to be a little out there.

    • Firstly, thank you Stacy for acknowledging that racehorses are NOT pets…and that follows, NOT beloved family members, either – they are a means to an end…cogs in horse racing’s wheel…tools of the trade. But lest we forget, these tools are living, breathing, sentient beings who simply long to live with their own kind. So to be USED for your entertainment and be put at RISK every time they are made to race? And you call yourself an animal advocate?

      Secondly, how interesting that we don’t see you posting your thoughts on the kills that occur in training/racing…or on the long lists of horses that have been confirmed Killed In Action – are those “a little out there”, as well? Defend those, Stacy.

    • Oh excuse me – a little out there Stacy?
      You horse racing apologists are the ones who are “out there.”
      So it’s perfectly fine with you that all racehorses, at all levels are being whipped/beaten, doped, maimed, dumped, and/or killed right?
      The fact that horses die is a fact, but it doesn’t make clean the fact that racehorses are DYING in the dirt.
      Nobody on this blog has ever supported the DYING of any racehorse in any discipline.
      So let’s, once again, be clear on that.
      To take attention away from the DYING FACTS of racehorses is not going to cut it here.
      You may be able to wash that over on some ignorant, unsuspecting horse racing gamblers, but not on us
      You can’t be an advocate of any racehorse if you support this ongoing pain, suffering, abuse, and obvious animal cruelty.
      You can live your delusion, but you can’t love racehorses and love horse racing.
      It’s not possible.
      Just wondering what you were doing yesterday Stacy while racehorses were DYING IN THE DIRT at Del Mar.
      Apparently, hundreds of racehorses DYING in the dirt for profit is just fine by you racing supporters.
      You know what I, a NON-SUPPORTER and advocate to shut down this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit was doing?
      I was on the phone trying to muster up a few bucks to rescue a Multiple Graded Stakes Champion mare who generated over $800,000 at the sales auction – you know your “prestigious” Keeneland sale – Yes, that one Stacy.
      After she was finished being a Champion racehorses she was rendered to the broodmare profit making side of the business where she was repeatedly impregnated to generate foals for profit.
      What happened then Stacy?
      Well, I’ll tell you Ms. Horse Racing Lover and Advocate.
      She was found standing at a kill auction, STARVING TO DEATH, WALKING SKELETON, with her EYE POKED OUT and no VET care. She lost her eye last night Stacy.
      Where were you? Where were the “good” folks of horse racing?” Where was Three Chimneys who made $800,000 off her Keeneland Sale? Well, Three Chimneys just spent over one million buying more racing stock, more potential broodmares to be found standing at a kill auction when no longer reproductive viable.
      Where were all the supporters and multimillionaire participants with their multi million dollar farms sipping their wine? Well Stacy, like most situations like this, they were NOWHERE to be found.
      In fact, when the former connections were contacted, they REFUSED to give ONE DIME to prevent this mare, seconds away, from being loaded onto the slaughterhouse truck where she would have went kill auction to kill auction until the kill buyer got her.
      People that saw the pictures that were posted all over Facebook (you know potential racing fans) were sobbing! People were contacting us CRYING once they found out how much she gave to this industry and to not receive a soft landing.
      We had blue collar working class people step up to the plate and send anywhere from $10 to $20. Since I already blew my budget this month feeding 2 starving thoroughbreds on the farm where I board, and then sending some money for BREAK THE ICE.
      Oh yes Stacy, right, forgot to mention BREAK THE ICE.
      Look up his PP’s Stacy. Sickening, and pathetic abuse of a sentiment being.
      Yet again, the former connections REFUSED to give ONE DIME.
      The only thing that saved him was a lady called Ginny who put here feelings aside for this VILE business and begged the owner in Puerto Rico to give him to her.
      Although he was on the way to a kill auction, the owner still managed to squeeze $500 out of us to ensure that he would get a soft landing.
      Again, where were you Ms. Horse Racing advocate/lover?
      Then Ginny posted a site to raise $4000 the cost to bring him back to the U.S where he started his abusive career as a profit slave.
      After checking the donations, the majority of donations were from NON-SUPPORTERS of this business, people who had NOTHING to do with the exploitation, people who sent even $10 to save this poor soul.
      So don’t you DARE come on here, and defend this repulsive, disgusting, VILE business that maims, kills, and DUMPS horses daily to me because I will let you know exactly what’s going on.
      Furthermore, I only used a couple of examples here, but there are plenty more.
      Both Mary Johnson and Joy Aten have plenty of stories to tell including names of racehorses.
      Right now, Mary spent her own money and unpaid time rescuing Anita’s Vacation who was running on the worst ankles that anybody had ever seen.
      Yet, the business that you support ran her when they knew she was crippled and/or maimed because they needed another number to fill a race, to increase wagering profits.
      You have the audacity to defend this carnage?

      • Oh yes, there are plenty more. I will not use the horse’s name NOR his breeder’s name now out of respect for the rescue organization that took this discarded race gelding in (but I will when I get the “OK”), but yesterday, I had a conversation with the founder of an organization that rescues equines – used-up racehorses included…

        A well-known TB racehorse breeder and owner was called when one of the horses he bred was discovered to be in the kill buyer’s possession. He agreed to pay the bail and the one-month’s quarantine AND promised he would find the gelding a home. What he DID was he abandoned the gelding at the quarantine barn…abandoned the injured gelding. Once again, a non-race individual used their own money and took of their own time to ensure the gelding was moved to safety.

        This racing breeder/owner? – he’s on his state’s committee to think of ways to increase horse racing’s popularity and keep it alive. And the CRAP on his farm’s website was the usual BS – “we care about our horses and want them to be successful”. Hmm….I guess the horses who are injured – making “success” impossible – he leaves standing in a stall, abandoned. What a despicable individual. Racing’s finest.

  3. Joy, they are all rotten to the core.
    It’s especially disgusting when multi millionaires like Bobby Flay, Barbara Stone of Stone street Farms, and Zayat Stables continue breeding, and/or dumping in the claiming ranks while spending another million buying up more racing stock.
    These are just a few of many examples.
    The big breeding farms who have plenty of empty paddocks rarely respond to requests or, when they do, I’ve often experienced them renege on their promises leaving the horse in an unsafe situation.
    The champion racehorse that, thank goodness, got saved the other day was LA GALERIE. She was a champion multiple graded stakes placed winner of over $150,000 17 years ago. That would be 1 million+ today when you factor in inflation.
    Was horse of the year, champion 2 year old filly in Argentina. Continued her winning streak when brought over the water to the U.S winning races and running 2nd in the Breeders Cup.
    She was no slouch.
    She made money for everybody, ran her heart out, and then was rendered to the breeding shed.
    Now it was time for her reproductive system to be exploited after her limbs could no longer compete at the upper levels, but it was her stellar performance that saved her from going to the claiming ranks because she was worth more in the breeding shed.
    At least she made it out alive.
    She was initially bred to top Stallion War Chant, and was subsequently purchased in foal for $800,000 from the Three Chimneys assignment.
    There were lots of winners that day who reaped huge cash from her sale, but the biggest loser was La Galerie. Typical racehorse transaction.
    After being repeatedly impregnated for 9 years by top Stallions she produced nothing so now she was a liability to be sold, to be dumped.
    So she shows up at the Keeneland sales ring, years later, after giving birth to 9 foals with the last one being aborted.
    Doesn’t surprise me. How much can they squeeze out of this broodmare?
    Not enough, evidently, because she was impregnated again at the age of 16 years old – abusive. Pure unadulterated abuse of a sentiment being who ran her heart out for this VILE business.
    Where were all the “good” folks of horse racing? Nowhere to be found of course.
    Her age would be 65 years old in human years so that would be equivalent to getting a woman pregnant at the age of 65 years old.
    Now show me any human woman who would like to get pregnant, and carry a baby to full term at the age of 65 years old?! These horse racing people are ROTTEN to the core. Despicable people. Scums.
    So she sells, based on back class, for $22,000 to Danny and Donna Brown.
    We are attempting to track them down, and we will.
    We will go to Gods green earth to find these people and trace backwards to find out where and why things went wrong for this poor mare.
    Why and how she ended up standing at a kill auction, starving to death, a walking skeleton, with her eye poked out.
    This was a result of many months of neglect and abuse and I want somebody to be held accountable for it.
    Now if you “good” folks in horse racing want to step up to the plate and donate some money towards this cause then contact me, us on this blog.
    I don’t expect a response.
    After all, you “good” folks are never around when any of them are standing at a kill auction.
    If one of our connections had not been at the auction that day, she would have loaded onto a slaughter bound truck, and end up on the slaughterhouse floor in Mexico most likely given that she was in LA.
    I despise horse racing apologists so much that I can’t even quantify it.
    How they have the audacity to come on here and defend this blatant abuse of a sentiment being is beyond any persons rational capacity.
    Yet, I try to act civil. I try not to be profane. It’s very challenging.
    LA GALERIE you have my word that I will be a voice for you.
    I will make people who support this despicable industry aware of just what they are supporting.
    In order for this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit to continue racehorses are continuously exploited for profit.
    You, LA GALERIE, lived a horrific life of exploitation and nobody, NOT ONE, not any of the “good” folks of horse racing who “love” racehorses were there for you in the end as you stood in a kill pen, starving, not even a recognizable horse, a shadow of your former self, with your reproductive system all used up. Your dignity gone as your last hope was a non-supporter who never exploited you – just loved you and wanted to get you out of that hell hole.
    NOBODY, NOT ONE OF THESE RACING APOLOGISTS who support egregious acts of inhumane treatment, like this example, on a beautiful Champion.
    You all make me sick. You all make me fu**ing sick.

  4. Is everyone posting here vegetarian? Do you have a fur coat or alligator belt? Ride with a leather saddle or have leather boots?

    • Not me.
      I don’t use one of these items.
      In fact, my saddle is a Wintec which is a synthetic saddle.
      Although all of the things you mention are horrific, it still doesn’t justify this antiquated business model of whipping/beating, doping, dumping, maiming, and/or dying.
      Another thing, these products are a result of animal abuse – no doubt.
      Unfortunately, these animals didn’t even have a chance at being rescued.
      Racehorses have a chance of being rescued, but your industry constantly dumps them after they are maimed, and no longer profitable.
      So that actually makes you horse racing supporters worse.
      You watch them die in the dirt, you permit them to die on the slaughterhouse floor after they have generated BILLIONS in profit well enough to financially give them a soft landing.
      It’s kind of like that song by Phil Collins “you saw me drowning and you would not lend a hand…”
      That’s horse racing folks in a nut shell.
      Have you had a chance to donate to either BREAK THE ICE or LA GALERIE?
      Since your one of the “good” folks of horse racing they sure could use some money instead of lip service.

    • Stacy:
      And even if some do…it does not excuse the abuse and cruelty in the racing industry. Stop pretending like your ‘on board’ for the horses. Your very transparent, and are fooling no one.

      • Exactly 20+ Insider.
        You know what I find so disturbing about people like Stacy?
        Never once, NEVER EVER, did she ever ask about the well-being, health and welfare of these horses that we just rescued.
        She never even asked for a link to either donate or follow with their well-being.
        She never ever expressed any type of empathy for these horses.
        It absolutely freaks me out.
        Yet, she took the time to come on this horse racing blog to attack us for other animal atrocities going on to use it as a justification for this animal abuse.
        Then she says she is not in horse racing!
        She even goes so far to say she will donate – laughable.
        It seems to me that she’s got nothing better to do then to search blogs to say ridiculous unsubstantiated statements.
        I even think she’s a hunter because only a hunter can demonstrate such lack of compassion towards a living non-human being.

  5. This post and the comments that followed are absolutely ridiculous. I thought this website was run by people who actually knew what they were talking about. Colic happens to horses. Whether they are show horses, race horses, wild horses, etc. You cannot blame this horse dying from colic on the racing industry. Colic is the number one killer of all horses. Its sad, yes, but horse racing had nothing to do with it. And the way you attack others for offering the same opinion is only hurting your cause. I no longer care to follow such ignorance. That doesn’t mean my opinions have changed about horse racing at all. Just this silly website and the people that seem to go overboard to support it.

    • Every dead racehorse is an industry casualty – whether from a snapped cannon, ruptured suspensory, failed heart, EIPH, laminitis, “stall accident,” or, yes, colic. As for the last, read this, and perhaps your own ignorance will begin to dissipate.

    • Kathy you are a delusional apologist like anybody else who supports the massive forced incarceration, pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses for profit and egos.
      A plethora of reputable vet studies prove that daily regimes in racehorse stables (doping, whipping/beating, confinement, bandaging, lack of natural grazing etc etc) are all factors contributing to colic.
      Furthermore, where are your studies or numbers to claim that wild horses suffer AS MUCH colic as racehorses?
      It seems to me that you need to get your facts straight, but no worries we will assist you with that.

      • Gina, I, too, would like to know where Kathy got her information on colic in wild horses. Looks like Kathy maybe the one who does not know what she is talking about and not the people on the blog, as she claims.

    • Kathy – racing and all it involves for the horses has everything to do with it. My ex-racehorses had ulcers when they came off the track – they don’t have them now.

      And our nation’s mustangs suffer with colic to the extent racehorses do? – are you serious?

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