“Collapsed and Died” at Belmont

From the NYS Gaming Commission: On December 5, Sinistra “collapsed and died from a cardiovascular collapse after breezing” at Belmont. Sinistra was six and had been under the whip 40 times, most recently November 16 at Aqueduct.

This is horseracing.


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  1. SINISTRA – so sorry for you.
    Yet another victim of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    All racehorse lives are important regardless of how much money they make, but it’s particularly hard to swallow when this 6 year old was a STAKES WINNER of over $330,000.
    This horse toiled in the last couple of years performing off and on most likely a result of chronic issues being addressed with potent pain masking dope until he finally gave way.
    Of course we will never know the number of needles plunging in and out of his veins/joints, nor will we ever know exactly WHAT was given to Sinistra leading up to him DYING in the dirt at Belmont.
    Lack of transparency is this businesses adoptable format.
    Neither the wagering public, nor the taxpayers, nor the horse lovers/advocates/activists will ever know just what abuse Sinistra was more than likely going through.
    Their own private little torture chamber is the stall that is guarded by this business like Ft. Knox while collecting BILLIONS in casino profits that could otherwise go to essential community services.
    These people literally run racehorses into the ground, DYING in the dirt for one more buck.
    It wasn’t enough for Sinistra to make lots of money for owner/trainer Jacobson to ensure a safe end.
    No, he had to run him until he DIED – shameful, despicable, piece of crap human being.
    It’s also this business model, and the supporters, who enable this abuse of a sentiment being.
    There are only 3 types of people in horse racing: 1. Abusers. 2. Enablers of the abuse. 3. Both.
    Jacobson falls into Category #3.

  2. The carnage continues unabated.
    The deaths of these horses virtually on a daily basis is despicable.
    Completely and utterly inexcusable.
    The industry due to its self regulation is a massive failure.
    It’s time for the governments to intervene.

    • Nothing changes if nothing changes. Money talks and garbage walks and the unwilling slaves keep suffering and dying.

  3. Government should STOP all casino funding to this cruelty circus, death camp,and corruption pit.
    Like Carolyn says: “self regulation is a massive failure.”
    This self regulation is being conducted while everybody else, but the industry, FUNDS them.
    It’s either massive tax breaks, taxpayers money, or obscene casino profits all of which could instead go to essential community services.
    Jo Anne Normile (Saving Baby) reminded us on another post that children in Flint Michigan don’t even have healthy drinking water while the government gives $500 to each foal born for horse racing in Michigan, and much more money that nobody knows about.
    This is estimated to be $500,000 per year to breeders of racehorses in Michigan.
    Essentially, the Michigan government has been rubber stamping this policy for years.
    You know how many bottles of water just $500 would buy an impoverished Flint MI family?
    Instead it’s going to reward the breeding, and eventually maiming, killing, and dumping of racehorses.
    What a disgusting waste.
    What American wouldn’t rather have healthy drinking water over breeding a racehorse?
    Better still, the approximate $500,000 could go a long way in repairing the pipes and think about over the years how much money has been wasted on horse racing?
    There are 3 critical things that our government needs to pass because the majority of people would agree:
    1. DECOUPLING. Pass Decoupling. Sign Petitions (Grey 2K website), tell OUR government that we no longer want casino profits going to this antiquated business model.
    2. Stop all taxpayer funded tracks the majority of which are located in Ontario, Canada. The majority of Ontario taxpayers no longer want to support horse racing in the province.
    3. Stop all other Breeding incentives like the one in Michigan.
    4. Eliminate the INTERSTATE HORSE RACING WAGERING ACT which brings in BILLIONS to the Associations (HBPA).
    It’s largely unregulated and NO TAXES are paid on the billions of wagering. This has also been rubber stamped by the government in the past 20 years with no oversight. If taxed, it could bring BILLIONS into the government coiffures to pay for essential community services instead of running racehorses in circles creating environmental pollution.

    This business has been running under the radar for too long now.
    They have lost their social license while conducting unspeakable animal cruelty on racehorses to generate BILLIONS in profit.
    They also don’t take care of their human labor nor the jockeys who risk their lives every day.

  4. We agree Gina. In our state every foal born is eligible for FREE registration with the Jockey Club through a hub based tax on all wagers processed through our states numerous internet wagering sites. The local breeders association regularly adds monies to the tracks purses from monies they receive in unpaid breakage of parimutuel handle. This business should sink or swim WITHOUT any subsidies whatsoever just like any other for profit enterprise. Our governor recently declared championship day for the middle of this month. You can`t even get a license as a groom on our only commercial track until you first have a job offer with a trainer / owner! Kinda hard to get a job if you can`t even get a license to participate. When after 22 years of trying to receive an exercise riders license so as to gallop horses LEGALLY and after galloping worn out half broken down horses for FREE, we were told by the outrider / license sign off person that our track did`t want anymore licensed riders! We later learned what they really wanted was more owners to throw more monies into the pot and horses too to continue the operation. Upon seeing / realizing the operation for what it was we left never to return. An individual cannot even pass through another shed row on their way to one of the few functioning flush toilets on the backside without possibility of a reprimand or fine! When its wet or windy, very uncomfortable for workers. The track has also mandated the use of shavings / wood pellets for bedding after almost 70 years of using straw. They switched to shavings because the mushroom growers became fed up with all the bandages, garbage they found in the old stall bedding that they tried to use for compost growing of mushrooms. Now all the old soiled bedding is disposed of like the rest of the cites trash and hauled away by truck / train a few hundred miles away to the east side of our state.The backside of our local commercial track is MOST unpleasant and filthy, dirty as is the fencing on the outside of the tracks surface. The place is a DUMP surrounded by other commercial businesses, trucking operations,window retailers, dry cleaners, truck repair facilities, furniture stores.We feel for every horse that is stabled there. There are very few little grassy places to graze a horse and what few areas there are you have to be careful as the tracks physical plant crew prefers to spray the grass out with herbicides rather than mow or trim it!

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