The Weekend Carnage

3-year-old Maisla’s fourth “career” start yesterday at Delta was described thus by Equibase: “…was pulled up entering the turn and euthanized.” Dead.

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed that 2-year-old Crystal Belle was “vanned off” the Belmont training track yesterday and subsequently euthanized. Dead.

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Really Mistya was euthanized on the track after going down in the 6th Friday at Charles Town. Dead.

Also, Equibase reports that 4-year-old Dynamy Road “broke down” in the 4th yesterday at Mahoning; 5-year-old Paszcatch “broke down” in the 1st Friday at Golden Gate. “Broke Down” is the racing industry’s euphemism of choice for dead.


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  1. Horrific.
    So upsetting to those of us who really “care” about the racehorses.
    As long as there is financial incentives supporting this carnage there will always be deaths.

  2. The death facts are so disturbing.
    This has got to stop.
    What’s equally disturbing is the carnage if they make it out alive.
    For example, there is a horse rescue group in Southern California that is currently posting a thoroughbred that they found at a kill auction there.
    Turns out, he had FRACTURED SESAMOIDS, and was dumped at the kill auction with NO vet care.
    They scrambled to raise money, most of which came from non-horse racing people, for immediate surgery or be humanely euthanized.
    They back tracked the story and what they found out is disgusting.
    It would make anybody’s stomach turn, but it’s not an exception.
    This is happening in horse racing folks: dying in the dirt being maimed then dumped.
    Anita’s Vacation was a real eye opener, but his tops it if you can imagine that.
    Here’s the link if you care to look.
    It has pics of this poor horse.
    It’s so VILE it’s beyond description:

    Please review this link, and comment so we can further expose this horrific cruelty to racehorses.

  3. Sorry folks somebody disabled their post so that nobody could share – wonder who?
    So go to

    Look at the December 1st post where a racehorse that was so injured on the track, was supposed to be euthanized, but was subsequently dumped at a kill auction with 2 fractured sesamoids and NO vet care.

    So the carnage continues either dying on the track or being maimed, and dumped.


    • Thanks for being persistent and enabling us all to see the original post. California is supposed to be a no kill state! We guess that policy didn`t last long!

    • Unfortunately, the very outspoken HiCaliber ED does not embrace an anti-racing stance…in fact, she exclaims there is “good and bad” in all – horse racing included.

      • That sucks, but so many people are afraid to really speak their mind so that they can continue to gain access to the business for horse rescue.
        I totally disagree with it of course.
        Even Mindy Lovell one of the main TB rescuers here in Ontario actually deletes people who speak against the industry after she sees the maiming and carnage.
        She would rather keep her ties to the track for rescue then sever them was her excuse.
        Like I’ve said on a previous post if your going to rescue you must also want to ban horse racing or you become an enabler of the abuse.
        That’s just the way that I see it.
        The only way that this maiming, carnage, and death will stop is when this industry finally shuts down, and it can’t come soon enough for me.

      • It’s one thing to not actively speak out against the industry…it’s completely something else to claim the “good and bad” BS. One doesn’t have to praise or even thank the industry in order to maintain those “ties” – just say nothing at all.

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