A Death at Golden Gate; Officially, Del Mar Closes With 6 Kills

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed that 3-year-old Kelly With a Twist was euthanized after “breaking down” in the 5th at Golden Gate December 4.

Also, the official – that is, what the stewards are willing to acknowledge – Death Count for the 2016 “Bing Meet” at Del Mar closes at six. From the minutes:

11/14-11/20 – “Fatalities at Del Mar”: 1
11/21-11/27 – “Fatalities at Del Mar”: 2
11/28-12/4 – “Fatalities”: 3

The five names we know:

Lyrical Passage, November 20, Del Mar 5
Trixie Topper, November 27, Del Mar 1
Trump Diesel, November 27, Del Mar 5
Flaming Vixen, December 1, Del Mar 5
Adair, December 3, Del Mar 1

Still “cool as ever”?

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  1. Thank you for continuing to expose the tragic yet avoidable deaths in this unnecessary entertainment industry, Patrick. We will continue to share these realities – the suffering and deaths of young, immature and non-consenting horses.

  2. The deaths occur at all ages as we often see older racehorses, who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, be dropped down into the claiming ranks for a life of abuse right up until they die in the dirt.
    So no age is immune to the dying although under developed musco-skeletal systems are certainly a recipe for disaster.
    We also see a previous record of DNF’s (Did Not Finish), and non-competitive performances (finishing by 20+ lengths) in many racehorses, prior to dying, which clearly shows the non-consenting, forced aspect of this business.
    Dying is a built-in part of the equation it seems.

  3. Thank you for being a voice for the racehorses, Patrick.
    Scrutinising the reports all over the country on a daily basis is a huge job.
    And as we know, the industry has great difficulty in disclosing all racehorse deaths. There are many hidden deaths and it’s my belief that one can easily double the disclosed number to arrive at a truer estimation of the total.
    It seems DEL MAR had 6 deaths for this particular meet but the CALIFORNIA HORSE RACING BOARD will only disclose the names of 5 – now why is that? If the name of horse no. 6 was disclosed it would be open to scrutiny and possibly reveal certain facts which the industry doesn’t want the public to know about.
    Transparency and Disclosure……..?


    According to Equibase, this mare raced at Mahoning Valley on December 17 and was beaten 14 ½ lengths – 10th place earning $85. She’s still up for claiming for $5,000.

    Chart says she “… was through after a half” which suggests that this mare was exhausted half way through the race BUT she’s still permitted to take part in racing…….?


    • Carolyn, it is business as usual in the racing industry. Not surprising at all. A horse standing in a stall has no hope of bringing home a paycheck but a horse “putting its life on the line” so that some freak can be entertained at least has a chance to bring home a few bucks and that is what this industry is about….making money for the horse’s connections. A puny paycheck is better than no paycheck at all.

  5. Shamrock Road and Jill’s Reflectlon two of the countless other overworked and abused horses that race every 1-2 weeks for years and then “disappear” . These horses are worn out and , of course, have injuries and chronic problems when they have barely reached maturity.
    Racing destroys young horses and then dumps them. A few are rescued by people not in the business but most end their short stress filled lives in a gruesome slaughterhouse.
    Without any doubt, this is a dispicable business devoid of any accountability .
    This should not be tolerated in any decent society.

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