A Breakdown at Charles Town, Two Others at Laurel

I have confirmed that 3-year-old AK’s Candy was euthanized on the track after breaking down in the 8th Thursday at Charles Town.

Also, two horses broke down yesterday at Laurel – 2-year-old Tactical Hero in the 2nd, 3-year-old Beware the Fury in the 7th. Here is the former’s full line on Equibase:

“TACTICAL HERO tracked the pace three to four wide, was put to solid pressure mid turn, shifted out a bit in upper stretch, closed steadily under energetic left handed encouragement, forged ahead in deep stretch then narrowly prevailed while breaking down at the wire.”

“put to solid pressure”: whipped

“closed steadily under energetic left handed encouragement”: whipped some more

“prevailed while breaking down at the wire”: “won” while in all likelihood dying

The video on the “Replay Show” stops just short of the full breakdown (you can, however, see the very beginning of Tactical’s descent).

pick up video around 4:40 mark

This is horseracing.


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  1. While watching this replay all I see is blatant animal cruelty as these poor, tired and probably sore racehorses are getting continually beaten.
    All I can see is the flutter of whips pounding on their sensitive flesh.
    There’s no doubt in my mind, as I have alluded to on many previous posts, that whipping is one of many contributing factors to catastrophic breakdowns.
    Just this factor alone shows that this industry doesn’t give a damn, not one iota of caring for these racehorses – only wagering income at any cost – even to the point of dying in the dirt.
    Can somebody please explain how this is permitted to continue in the 21st century?

  2. Absolutely disgusting! Upon viewing the video its very clear the near foreleg has a conformation problem.Tactical Hero should not have even been racing! Any good experienced horse person could tell the horses was an accident waiting to happen. So sad that people don`t have enough intelligence to stop with this crummy business. Our local track had their big races day despite the fact the caller could not even see to call the races! This despite after being froze out for a few days due to sub freezing weather and the track being fit enough only for ice skating! The last few races of the day were completely obscured due to the heavy fog we have been having lately.

  3. Sick to death of this. and there seems to be nothing we can do. Look out they whip and whip and whip these horses…

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