Carnage, on a Tuesday

Yesterday in the U.S., just four Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse tracks were live; at three of those four, death. From Equibase:

In the 2nd at Parx, “PLAYMETHEBLUES was always far back and he broke down in his left front between the three sixteenths and eighth pole and was euthanized.”

In the 5th at Mahoning, “RUHL PAUL…set the pace into the second turn then broke down…”

In the 1st at Turf, “RUNNING FOR ANNIE…broke down during the stretch run then was euthanized.”

But that’s not all. After two of the kills – at Parx and Turf – the remaining races were canceled due to “track conditions.” So, not only do we have three dead (that we know of) in a combined 21 American races, but even more damning, the relevant authorities in Pennsylvania and Arizona knew their tracks were compromised from the start (the Parx chart described conditions as “rainy and sloppy”) – and ran races anyway.

This is horseracing.

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  1. We read this morning in the Paulick report about the terrible wreck at Turf Paradise. The article mentioned how one rider was thrown into the rail and the other horses leg was broken. Even the bettors are starting to complain about the lack of transparency in the racing business and the fact one TVG commentator has not been on the air since a breeders cup horse was found to be racing on steroids.Many are disgusted about the fact that steroid use has NOT been eliminated from a horse in training.T.P. is clearly not able to handle much rain as our local track is unable to handle snow or sub-freezing conditions. Our local track has been frozen solid for the last several days. The racing commission allowed the meet to be extended for several days next week to make up for lost bad weather days.We fear greatly for the horses having breakdowns due to their not having proper conditioning and due to the heavy, sloppy track surface we know their going to race on. We have galloped many times on that tracks surface with it being sloppy and / or a heavy jello type of condition.The track is awful when it is that way!

  2. Sending horses out to race in bad weather conditions is a crime! The racing authorities are fully aware of the danger to the horses who have no choice. Vision is extremely important to the horse and I hate to think what it must be like for those wearing blinkers. But the show must go on and the safety and welfare of the horse is not a consideration.
    They don’t give a damn.

    • Carolyn, as I have mentioned previously on this blog, there are just a handful of tracks that have winter racing, one of those tracks being Mahoning in northeastern Ohio. Who cares if the track surface is partially frozen and visibility is poor? The bottom line is that winter racing is more PROFITABLE for the operating tracks since there are fewer of them competing for the betting dollars. Remember…racing really is all about the money!

  3. From personal experience as a racing breeder and owner also elected to our state’s only two racing boards of directors (HBPA and TOBA), I can assure all that the safety of the horses racing is only a concern when too many people learn about it. Why? The breeders, racing owners, trainers, jockeys, track private veterinarians, racetrack owners, and state racing commission vets and their other employees all ONLY make money the more horses that race. So the death tracks continue. Social media and the ease with which such negative publicity reaches the masses is all they worry about. Bravo Horseracing Wrongs!

    As an insider, I saw this happen up close when our racetrack was forced to bring in a track safety expert, who evaluated the track and filed a lengthy report that the racing surface needed $597,000 worth of repairs. STILL, for months the track remained open and horses were sent to their deaths. Where was the State Racing Commission supposedly overseeing the racetrack? They took NO action despite the racing regulations specifying what was needed for a safe surface. A direct conflict of interest. All in racing allowed this to happen. Horses continued to be sent out to train, race and die without cutting their racing season short and they raced and died into November.

    The situations mentioned in Horseracing Wrongs are not unusual as Joan and Fred Booth have attested to also.

    I wrote my true story of my experiences in horse racing, Saving Baby, and my efforts to help all horses including my own, “Baby”. My book was a featured monthly condensed book by Reader’s Digest and has 4 1/2 stars on Amazon. It is available at bookstores and many online sites in hard cover, paperback, e-book and audio. I am determined to continue to inform through my book PLUS a portion of each sale helps fund Saving Baby Equine Charity so readers literally save equine lives!!!

    Please, anyone wishing to be further informed and at the same time help in rescuing horses, you can purchase a personalized hard copy of my book. Just email me at Best price anywhere and you help the rescue! Paypal available and the $15 includes mailing.

    Thank you for caring. We must be their voice as they have no choice.

  4. Jo Anne I read your book Saving Baby, so did my husband, your story went straight to my heart, I went into rescue, besides owning. I rescued an OTTB in November and he is now part of my little herd. He is a doll, and after having two months of training soon after leaving the track in June 2016, he a gentle boy. He is 17.2h and I’m only 5’ the trainer taught him to bring his head down to me when I need to halter or bridle him…it breaks my heart that so many don’t get that 2nd chance. I also remember your husband at the end of the book…I hope he is up and walking now. See my website..if he ever needs help, don’t hesitate.

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