Two Horses Break Down at Turf Yesterday

Two horses “broke down,” Racing’s euphemism of choice for dead, at Turf yesterday. In the 1st, says Equibase, With Love Too “broke down after the wire.” In the 7th, Mydancingshadow “broke down and fell heavily entering the stretch.” The latter was coming off two dead-last $3,000 claiming-race finishes in December (and a second-to-last prior to those). In other words, the “breakdown” should hardly surprise.

The race replays from the Turf site provide ever-so-brief images of the breakdowns, but, notably, in neither race does the track announcer utter a single word on the ugliness. They don’t care, folks, even with dying horses in their midst. (Go to Racing, Live Racing, Race Replays)

For With Love Too, hit Replays, Su 8, race 1 – pick up video around 1:00 mark

For Mydancingshadow, hit Replays, Su 8, race 7 – pick up video around 1:10 mark


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  1. Death, after death after death – innocent horses being sacrificed on a daily basis for $2 bets, greed and human entertainment.
    And the racing industry unashamedly accepts these horses suffering pain and fear with no dignity as their lives are violently taken from them.

    There is no escaping the fact that racing is a blood sport. More blood on their hands every single day.

  2. Unfortunately, I saw the 7th race on TVG. I couldn’t believe that neither the track announcer or the TVG “host” made any mention of the breakdown. All the robotic “host” was concerned with was the payouts of the 7th race and entries for the 8th race.No mention of how the jockey fared or of course, the fate of the fallen horse. Again, the inevitable demise of a non-competitive (41/1) horse run literally, into the ground.

  3. So obvious that there’s an unwritten rule for announcers to downplay any racehorse breaking down.
    Then they ensure that the video is either not replayed or the camera angle is focused away from the racehorse writhing in pain waiting for the needle.
    The icing on the cake is the screen going up to hide all the blood, and fragments spewing out of the broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons, nostrils and/or eyes.
    It takes a whole lot of pro-horse racing people to comply, and remain silent in order for this charade to continue.
    Like I said – abusers and/or enablers of the abuse to the point of ending a life.

  4. And on another sad note – quite a few horses fell to their knees or “noses” coming out of the gate at Mahoning today… and yet these poor horses ran their hearts out to catch up to the field only to finish last ” and have no chance from the start”.

    • Horses falling to their knees and/or noses coming out of the gates tells me that the track surface is unsafe. As if there isn’t enough stress on the horse when he’s so confined and jumps out with huge stress on his hinds and pelvic area! A cold standing start and then jockey immediately places pressure on the horse for fast speed, those riders wearing spurs dig them into the horse in a sensitive area causing pain.
      Just how more sick can it get……….

  5. I’m in disbelief that a TEN YEAR OLD (10) mare was racing……..speechless!
    And clearly she was not fit to race for her to break down. Probably not suitable to breed so they just raced her to DEATH, literally.

  6. WITH LOVE TOO the 10 year old mare
    According to Equibase, she began racing in June 2008 so she had been racing for EIGHT (8) and a half years and has had FIFTY (50) starts. This poor overused mare (with an average of let’s say 6 hits with the whip in each race) was beaten with a whip about 300 times during her career and that doesn’t include being whipped in training.
    According to equibase the owner is Anne Downey she is also listed as this mare’s breeder.
    Trainer – Sergio Borri

    • This mare’s Equibase profile also reveals that she was foaled in April 2008 so that makes her just 3 months short of ELEVEN (11) years of age.
      She earned just over $16,000 for 50 starts.
      So why did they continue her ordeal when she was not performing and clearly a failed ‘investment’?
      Was it for appearance money, maybe a tax benefit of some kind? Whatever the reason, the abuse she endured resulting in her horrible death is inexcusable. And she’s just one example only of what goes on with many racehorses.

      There was no ‘with love too’ for this mare.

    • Just watched the replay and racecaller says With love Too ‘is under the whip already’ and this was very early in the race…..this mare was whipped when clearly she was struggling.
      Abhorrent animal cruelty……then she breaks down and dies.

  7. If they are like thoroughbreds, then technically she was already racing as an 11 yo – as they automatically have a birthday on January 1. I agree- what was the reason to continue racing a very very mediocre 11 yo – especially in QH races which are far more stressful on legs and joints than tb racing due to the faster speeds and shorter distances?? Did this poor mare not deserve a retirement much earlier?? As I saw in another blog – this mare earned $423 to die, when she should’ve been loved and happy in a lush pasture years ago

  8. There is a tb racing in Puerto Rico who is 12 who has had 183 starts. I cannot imagine why that poor horse hasn’t been allowed to retire yet either

    • I have no doubt that he’d be suffering from osteoarthritis/arthritis along with other health issues. Unlikely he will survive racing/slaughter but even if he does, his ‘retirement’ would be living with chronic pain.
      Must be torture for this poor horse having had 183 starts. Terrible.

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