Two Lost at Aqueduct Yesterday

Yesterday, New York recorded its first two kills of 2017, both at Aqueduct. In the 1st race, Lost Note “broke down” and was, according to the Gaming Commission, “euthanized on track.” Prior to the 9th race, Kristi Q “flipped over and hit her head and died while walking up the ramp that leads to the track.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. Racing has no plan for the horses beyond running and, most importantly, making money. The majority of these horses are finished, in more senses than one, just as they reach maturity. If they are winners they may
    be USED for breeding (more money) and if not, it is on to the slaughter pipeline, the disposal system of racing, something the business would like to keep hidden from the public.and one of it’s many dirty secrets.
    J.B.s Annie was one of the lucky ones
    I have a former brood mare that is soo smart ….opens her stall door to the pasture and sometimes lets her pasture buddy out too !! I’m sure she would have wound up on the truck like so many others.
    PS As I’m standing here she showed me she can open the door to her stall and let herself in too….it may be time for a locks !!
    I hope Patrick will excuse this personal account ?

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