Four “Break Down” Yesterday

Four horses “broke down” yesterday on American tracks; “broke down,” of course, is the racing industry’s euphemism of choice for dead.

Sizzling Bel in the 1st at Golden Gate. Sizzling Bel was five years old and under the whip for the 28th time.

Lord Ruler in the 8th at Gulfstream. Lord Ruler was two years old and under the whip for the 5th time.

Sir Prize in the 6th at Louisiana. Sir Prize was five years old and under the whip for the 30th time.

Sir Got Class in the 1st at Turf. Sir Got Class was two years old and under the whip for the 5th time.

In addition, Equibase reports several others as “vanned off”; many of the “vanned” end up euthanized back in the barn. Quite a day.

Please stop betting on horse races (and patronizing racinos).

Their lives are in your hands.

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  1. More horses sacrificed (including two babies) for $2 bets, greed and human entertainment. We should hang out heads in shame……

  2. I saw Lord Ruler yesterday confused and frightened running around the track after falling three times. I will never forget that image. No more horse racing for me!

    • Lord Ruler was a 2 year old from foaling date and that is a fact. Racing very conveniently ‘ages’ horses from January 1 each year. I came across a horse that had a catastrophic breakdown in a race for 2 year olds and that horse had been foaled in May which made that horse 1 year and 9 months of age which means that it was highly likely training when only 18 months old and possibly younger. How can the horseracing industry justify pushing babies so hard from such an early age?

      • My mare, Elizabethswildrose, had her 1st start in April although she did not turn 2 until May.
        The Jan. 1st birthday for all thoroughbreds is obviously ifor the benefit of the business and disregards the harming of the very young horse that relly should not even have a saddle on it’s back.

      • Foaling date was February 13, 2014. He had five (5) starts as a two (2) year old. To argue that he was days short of 3 years of age is petty. Horseracing is constantly being criticised for training/racing babies, many break down in training before they get to race. The stress on their not yet developed musculoskeletal system and their immature minds is despicable and utterly unacceptable.

        As a racing apologist, what do you say to Abby?

      • Regardless, horses are raced too young. They are also given Lasix which interferes with the calcium so very necessary to developing bones.
        Racing destroys horses and that may be an inconvenient truth to some.

  3. After reviewing the replay of Lord Ruler, it appeared to be the rear right leg that shattered.
    How horrific to watch a sentient being lose their life for a stupid bet, entertainment and/or ego.
    NOT ONE person will be held legally accountable for any of these racehorses who died.
    Florida has no mandatory medication record rules for Trainers nor does it have a mandatory necropsy requirement last time I checked.
    The absence of these rules results in total lack of transparency and accountability – just the way they like it.
    As long as people continue to bet then racehorses will continue to die.
    Horse racing kills horses so don’t support it.

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