Back-To-Back Kills Again, This Time at Santa Anita

For the second time in a week, horses were killed in back-to-back races on an American track, this time at famed Santa Anita.

In the 1st yesterday, Storming Candy “ducked into the rail [ducked?]…fell and was vanned off” (Equibase). After initially calling the ambulance a mere “precaution,” the Daily Racing Form later reported the 4-year-old euthanized.

In the 2nd, 3-year-old Dixie Ballet “broke down” (“severe,” says the DRF). He, too, is dead. Oh, and Equibase added this gem: “The stewards conducted an inquiry into the run in deep stretch before ruling DIXIE BALLET broke down on his own” (and Storming Candy “was the cause of his own trouble”). Vile, indeed.

This is horseracing.


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  1. I was there in person yesterday. Storming Candy came around the turn and veered left, directly into the rail while on the lead. Dixie Ballet’s lower leg gave way right in front of me. Both were horrifying. With both, however, there was no contact from other horses. Very sad to watch.

  2. Upon review of the PP’s of both Storming Candy and especially Dixie Ballet I can say with almost certainty that the connections were well aware of an ongoing physical issue, but made the decision to risk their horses life and the rest in the race.
    Another disturbing part of breakdowns is the lack of accountability and/or repercussions., but so is the lack of transparency.
    There are no medical records kept in California racing stables so nobody can review what was given to these horses prior to the catastrophic breakdown.
    There simply is no transparency because horse racing is a legitimized death camp where the dying are swept away to get ready for the next day of torture, and potential deaths.
    Anybody who is involved with this business should hand their heads in shame.

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