“Was Pulled Up and Euthanized”

The Equibase line for 2-year-old Vivi’s Magic in the 5th last night at Delta: “…was pulled up entering the turn and euthanized.” “Was pulled up and euthanized.” What should read as shocking is, in the Racing world, sadly banal.

Also Thursday, 3-year-old Small Boy Jr. “went bad, broke down” in the 7th at Penn.

This is horseracing.


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    • Mari, continue to share with family and friends and continue to educate those who are against animal exploitation. I have friends who would go to the races a few times a year and bet on the horses, and now they refuse to visit the tracks. They find their entertainment elsewhere. It is a process and won’t happen overnight. Racing is a monstrous industry, based on the almighty dollar, and it will take dedication and persistence over many years to bring it down.

    • Race tracks would not be in business if not for outside financial support.
      The wagering income is not enough to financially sustain them so:
      1. Support DECOUPLING. Visit Grey2K website and sign active petition to support DECOUPLING. If it passes in Florida it will start to pass in other states. Casinos are the main financial income now for horse racing. AKA Racinos. Once this financial windfall stops many racetracks will immediately shut down.
      2. Don’t gamble at RACINOS because the profits ultimately go to support horse racing.
      3. Never attend, wager, or watch a horse race.
      4. Educate. Give people this Blog Site to visit.
      5. Cancel the Interstate Horse Racing Act.

      If everyone were to follow this plan. Horse racing would be in the history books where it belongs.

  1. And Mr. McNeill, you come to the defense of whipping and say nothing about the 12 yr. old horse that was run into the ground. Was that also to please the fans or was it because the owner cared for the money far more than he cared for the horse…….a 109 starts, when is enough enough ?
    You may remember a horse called Catlaunch ? Catlaunch was also 12 and had about the same number of starts. He earned over a million and was a DNF in his last race. I don’ t know what happened to him. ?

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