Killed for $2 Bets: Saint’s Fan, Poised ‘n Ready, Saratoga Citizen, Huracan Americo

The Daily Racing Form reports that “3-year-old Saint’s Fan came back lame from a Friday workout at Fair Grounds, was diagnosed with a fractured cannon bone…and had to be euthanized.” Apparently, says the DRF, “the fracture ran down the cannon bone all the way to the sesamoid.” Normally, the racing press can’t be bothered with training kills, but this, as the paper highlights, was a “stakes-winning” colt. Of course.

On Saturday, there were at least three more deaths, two at the same track. In the 4th at Oaklawn, 3-year-old Poised ‘n Ready went down and was euthanized (DRF). At Gulfstream, 3-year-old Saratoga Citizen “fell and was vanned off” (Equibase) in the 10th; she, too, was subsequently euthanized (three separate sources). Three races later, 2-year-old Huracan Americo “broke down” and was “put down humanly” (Miami Herald). Fortunately, the paper notes, “his jockey escaped injury.”

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This is horseracing.


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  1. Horse racing has always been about the exploitation of a horse for money and/or egos from the get go.
    So sorry for all these horses that died in the dirt for this despicable business.
    More bad news coming out of Kentucky today.
    They have stripped the racehorse of all laws afforded to domestic animals by classifying them as livestock.
    The bill passed with flying colors.
    Not one member of the agricultural committee voted against passing this bill despite the outcry of animal lovers all over.
    The loud voices of the horse racing industry was heard today by passing this Bill.
    Now people should let their voices be heard by not supporting the horrific world of horse racing.
    The saddest part of this entire scenario is that the racehorse has no voice in the matter.
    This Bill cements the cruelty, abuse, and deaths of racehorses in this industry.
    We will continue to be a voice for them.

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