Another “Bad Step” Kill at Aqueduct

Yesterday afternoon at Aqueduct, 7-year-old Second City was raced for the 44th and final time. But this isn’t some happy (and mostly mythical) horse-retires-to-a-bucolic-pasture story. Rather, this: “Second City…came under light coaxing half a mile from home, took a bad step…and broke down, the rider immediately protecting and pulling up his charge, who unfortunately had to be humanely euthanized on track.” (Equibase)

Lots to take in, so allow me to translate:

“came under light coaxing” – was hit (the “home” part is a nice touch)

“took a bad step” – Racing’s go-to phrase of self-absolution

“broke down” – well, we know what this means

“rider protecting and pulling up his charge” – jockey was in self-preservation mode

“unfortunately” – see “took a bad step”

“humanely euthanized” – Beyond mere absolution, this phrase, perhaps the most vile of all, implies a kind of moral rectitude – not only are our hands clean, but we’ve actually done something good. Imagine that.


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  1. Humanely locked in a stall 23 hrs a day ; humanely drugged and trained ; humanely raced, sometimes every week ; humanely beaten and then humanely killed when the young body breaks down at less than 1/4 of it’s life span.

  2. Most racehorses are one “bad step” away from dying in the dirt.
    The doping cocktails mask chronic pain AKA pre-existsing conditions.
    The most commonly used performance enhancer is Lasix, but it’s also a route to cheat.
    From many of my previous posts I’ve revealed that medication records are kept secret.
    While millions of vets trade vet records in the USA daily, usually for the well-being of a pet to avoid repeated invasive procedures, the horse racing industry cites privacy laws.
    So a racehorse could be injected anywhere in it’s body HUNDREDS of times, and nobody would even know about it.
    With every injection, with every time they are sent out, the game of Russian Roulette begins.
    Even their death brings no transparency since there are no mandatory necropsy requirements in many racing jurisdictions to this day.
    Even when there is a necropsy, the reports are never reviewed by a neutral agency, but self-managed by an industry who has wagering profits as their primary concern.
    The entire scenario from the Starting Gate to the Finish Line is a recipe for disaster.
    In fact, “born to run,” seems to be a euphemism for “Born To Die.”

  3. I’m pleased these poor horses are, at least, memorialized in this blog.
    The arrogant human species seems to have created endless, cruel opportunities for utilitarian purposes for animals. It’s so sad to me.

  4. I still believe that horseracing is in direct violation of the anti-cruelty laws, no different than dog fighting, only our law enforcement community turns their backs on it.

    • 100% agree Sue.
      If horse racing ever attempted to start up today it would never go over.
      They would have to disclose the real facts about this industry and it would go something like this:
      We want to start up a business that uses, abuses, whips/beats, exploits, dumps, maims, and/or kills non-consenting voiceless sentient beings called racehorses.
      Human staff, such as jockeys, will also be maimed and/or killed.
      We require BILLIONS of dollars in either taxpayers handouts and/or casino profits in order to keep this exploitation going.
      We will violate animal cruelty laws, and even ensure that the racehorses are categorized as “livestock” so we can continue our cruelty to them without any protections afforded to them.
      We will turn them into a pin cushion, injecting them hundreds of times with absolutely ZIPPO transparency or repercussions.
      We will ensure that the unsuspecting public will not be exposed to them dying in the dirt because we will simply eliminate those videos or make sure the leg getting snapped-off is out of camera view.
      We will conduct this mayhem and carnage under the guise of “entertainment” while making BILLIONS in wagering profits.
      Now – who wants to sign-up and support this?
      This industry was started years ago by an all boys club AKA The Jockey Club when all the dying was kept in the dark.
      Thank goodness for Patrick, and this Blog for exposing this despicable business by posting the Death Facts via FOIA requests.
      The public is finally getting educated on what is going on,
      Thanks to all the people, with direct previous experience on a racetrack in some capacity, who is speaking out about what goes on behind those fences.
      Those fences are not only there to keep the slaves inside, but they are also there to ensure that their dirty little secrets get kept behind the fences.
      Replace the dogs in the fighting ring with the racehorses, and that is the only difference.

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