A Kill at Saratoga Harness; Breakdown Whitewashed at Laurel

In the 2nd at Saratoga Harness Saturday night, “Incognito broke down near finish with unstable left front fetlock.” Dead, says the NY Gaming Commission. He was ten.

In the 8th at Laurel yesterday, 4-year-old Stalk “broke down” and another horse, Unclenedwhodrank, fell (over Stalk) and “did not finish.” Stalk’s jockey, Victor Carrasco, had this to say on Twitter: “Going to be out of action for 8-12 weeks. Got fracture on my left shoulder blade. Thanks God for protect me & GRodz [other jockey], it could be worse.” Not a single mention of his fallen horse. The replies were more of the same: “Praying for you Guys always ..just get some rest. .happy to know you are Ok.” Again, nothing about the animal. Meanwhile, the official Maryland-Racing You-Tube channel completely edited-out the ugliness: beginning of the race (with Stalk out front) – cut – homestretch, “Winner’s Circle.”

These people make me sick.


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  1. Ahh yes …. racecaller says Victor Carrasco is on the ground back there in that spill …..
    A horse breaks down and dies for $2 bets and it’s called a ‘spill’.
    These people are sadistic creeps.

  2. Anybody, and I mean anybody – rich or poor who participates and/or supports horse racing is living a demented sadistic delusion.
    Just as a spouse abuser says “oh, but I love my wife” after they kill them this is no difference in terms of the denial, the delusion, and the rationalization.
    It’s time to “spill” this business right into the trash where it belongs.
    There are only the abusers, and the enablers of the abuse.
    There are no other categories for this pathetic excuse for gambling.
    We will continue to be a voice for all of you voiceless racehorses as you lay dying in the dirt.

  3. The jockeys don’t care at all about the horses, they’re just a means to the end. They’re as replaceable as used toothbrushes, and until the mentality changes about these beautiful creatures, there won’t be any steps taken to treat them with the respect they deserve. The owners, trainers, jockeys, anyone working with the horses must be held accountable for their actions and receive extremely harsh fines, suspensions, anything necessary so these beauties will be treated like the athletes they are instead of just so much trash.

    • Georgiegirl, you refer to the “mentality,” of people working in this business.
      The mentality of using, abusing, dumping, and even dying is an acceptable practice based on the lack of accountability, transparency, and repercussions.
      This is supported by the enablers of the abuse – the self-managed racing commissions etc.
      The business has been around for years, and nothing has changed.
      The changes that appear to be positive usually end up being lip service, and decorations for the public image.
      For example, the top Trainers in this country all have multiple, multiple racehorses who are maimed and/or killed under their direct training methods with no repercussions whatsoever.
      In fact, they are revered by the industry, and even inducted into the Racing Hall of (SH)ame.
      They will never hold the abusers, and enablers of the abuse accountable because it’s all part of the mandatory operating procedures in order to exploit voiceless beings for profit.
      The only thing that needs to change is that these hell holes for horses need to shut down.
      The only way to shut it down is to stop financially supporting it.
      That means stop wagering, stop taxpayers money, stop casino funding.
      The racetracks can’t stand on their own like millions of other businesses so funding needs to stop.

      • Thanks….I know you’re right. I keep thinking how things would/could be better if only ……….I haven’t even been able to watch any races since reading the reports from Patrick Battuello, and I applaud him for the work he’s done.

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