3-Year-Old Killed Training at Aqueduct

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 3-year-old Cespedes snapped a leg while training Monday at Aqueduct. He is gone. To date, 21 racehorses have died at New York State tracks in 2017 – for gambling.


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  1. By my calculations, in New York State from January 1 to date, every 4.9 days a horse is suffering an excruciatingly painful catastrophic injury/condition and then dying without any dignity or respect. As we know, the horses are forced onto a van in lieu of being humanely put down there and then on the track. The only exception to this inexcusable act of animal cruelty is when they simply cannot move the horse and in such circumstances they are forced to kill the horse in situ and then winch him/her onto the transport vehicle.

    SHAMEFUL and utterly SICKENING

  2. Cespedes, a chestnut colt, was trained by Rudy Rodriguez. See the HRW post of May 14, 2015 – “In Wake of His Horse’s Death, Rudy Rodriguez Fined for Illegal Drugging”.

    An excerpt; “By the way, Rudy Rodriguez is no stranger to the Commission, having just been fined and suspended in February for violations involving two different horses. In all, I count 13 suspensions in NY over the course of Rudy’s career. 13. And yet still allowed around horses. Surprised? Shouldn’t be – this is, after all, horseracing.”

    “Blessed are the racehorses. The odds are overwhelmingly against them.” – Jo Anne Normile.

  3. I often refer to the “corruption pit” when I post some comments, and people may wonder about the connection between that, and deaths.
    Trainers like Rudy Rodriguez, Doug O’Neill, Todd Pletcher, Bob Baffert, Mike Maker, Linda Rice, Carla Gaines, Kathy O’Connell etc.
    These Trainers, who have all been at the top of the Trainer’s statistics, all have serious drug violations, most shrouded in mystery: missing viles of 2nd tests (Baffert and morphine CHRB March 24, 2005, Pletcher Florida cocaine (it was the “environment”), and procaine positives, Carla Gaines CHRB “undisclosed drugs found,” Doug O’Neill – too numerous to mention etc etc).
    I want to make clear to outsiders of this business, and to people who wager on racehorses: you are being duped.
    Gamble on something else.
    The fact that these Trainers are consistently winning high level stake races is not a result of “brilliant’ training,.
    Rather, a result of doping, cheating, and racehorses DYING under their direct training methods with little to no repercussions whatsoever.
    The fact that it took years, and multiple drug positives for Pletcher and O’Neill to finally be suspended is a joke.
    Yet, the suspension means nothing because they run their stable in their Assistant Trainer’s name, and return.
    For the racehorses; this is a recipe for disaster, and it’s evidenced by the multiple racehorses who are maimed and/or DIE under these Trainer’s direct training methods.
    These racehorses are given a steady cocktail of doping it seems, and we will never know WHAT or HOW MUCH because they don’t have to disclose that, not even to the wagering public.
    Talk about a scam.
    Again, the entity that suffers the most under this lawlessness training regime are the racehorses.
    Each one of the mentioned Trainers have a long list of racehorses DYING under their care.
    This just keeps going on, unabated, year after year, and this clearly shows that nobody in this business give a damn about the racehorses.
    They are disposable profit commodities who are subjected to ongoing cruelty, and abuse up until they DIE.
    Even in their death, they have no transparency as their bodies are dumped with no necropsy in most racing jurisdictions.
    What’s astounding is that rich owners flock to the sales, after their racehorses have died in the dirt, to spend millions to support this catastrophe, and even worse, they send racehorses right back to the same Trainers who killed their other ones?!
    Talk about a delusion, but there’s no delusion when racehorses are snapping their legs-off dying in the dirt.
    None whatsoever.

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