Receiver Ruptures Ligament at Belmont – Dead

From the NYS Gaming Commission: 4-year-old Receiver “sustained ligament rupture breezing” at Belmont April 22, “ambulanced off – euthanized.” Receiver had been raced three times, all at Aqueduct this winter.


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  1. Another young horse sacrificed for entertainment and $2 bets.
    Business as usual in the horseracing industry. It sure does a good job of maiming and destroying its athletes on a daily basis. Their prized horses who they are constantly declaring that they ‘love sooooo much’ …….bit hard to figure out, eh?

    • Carolyn, we repeatedly hear the racing apologists babble that horses break their legs running in a pasture “all the time” so I would like for a racing apologist to come on this blog and babble that horses “rupture ligaments all the time” while in pastures. I have been around horses for almost 60 years and have NEVER seen a horse rupture a ligament while being turned out in a pasture….NEVER. What a tragedy that a four year old is gone so soon for gambling entertainment but no one should be surprised since this is horseracing.

      • Spot on, Mary.
        And I’ve never heard of horses in pasture suffering a complete collapse of the suspensory apparatus, fractured sesamoids, severed tendons, to name just a few. Never heard of a horse in pasture hobbling on a couple of stumps when both front carpals (knees) have broken.
        And come to think of it, never heard of a horse in pasture suffering a bi-lateral bleed.

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