On Light Racing Day, at Least Two More Killed

Monday but eight Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse tracks were live across the United States – and still, according to Equibase, at least two racehorses perished.

In the 3rd at Parx, 4-year-old Avalancha “was being eased when she collapsed in upper stretch and died.”

“…collapsed in upper stretch and died.”

In the 7th at Turf, 4-year-old Hymn’s Girl “broke down and fell nearing the wire then [was] euthanized.”

“…broke down, fell, euthanized.”

Avalancha, Hymn’s Girl – two more intelligent, feeling beings sacrificed for $2 bets.



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  1. If those were not horses, but human lives being lost (trainers, owners and jockeys) in the pursuit of greed and entertainment, how long would this “sport” survive?

    • Liz, there have been hundreds of jockeys maimed and/or killed during a horse race over the years.
      There is an “understanding” that most jockeys or their families that remain almost NEVER SUE the racetrack.
      They actually have these people convinced that getting maimed and/or killed on the job is acceptable.
      There have been about 2 times that a jockeys family sued the track and a financial settlement was conducted during mediation so no figures or details were released.
      Another thing, anytime a jockey decides to sue they will win, but will no longer have a “career” in the horse racing business because nobody will give them mounts knowing full well that they could be hurt again, and they don’t want any type of investigations.
      Investigations expose the truth about this industry including medication records that are, for the most part, kept secret.
      The financial costs to both humans, and horses, are astounding.
      The casinos in Florida found that out which is why decoupling passed in Florida, and hopefully this will be a trend because they can’t survive without outside financial support or corporate welfare.
      This antiquated business model of maiming and/or dying for stupid bets has got to go.
      Taxpayers should not have to pay, in any capacity, to keep a few people making billions in wagering profits at the expense of lives.

  2. The horror story continues.
    And those who have the power to stop this horrific carnage, do NOTHING!

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