For Man’s Entertainment, 5/1/17-5/7/17

Last week in U.S. horseracing (not including training and harness casualties).

Avalancha “collapsed in upper stretch and died” at Parx
Blitzensmajikreign “bled” at Parx
El Pecoso “bled, vanned off” at Sam Houston
Memo Firm Nocturno “vanned off” at Turf
Hymn’s Girl “broke down…euthanized” at Turf
No Barneys “vanned off” at Indiana
Offlee Good “reported to have bled” at Belmont
Tapster “vanned off” at Churchill
Baytown Lex “fell, DNF” at Churchill
Tee Mata “fell, vanned off” at Delta
The Gray Hound “bled” at Golden Gate
Lead Us to the Bar “vanned off” at Laurel
Sea Kitty “fell when tapped with a left-handed whip” at Prairie
Classic Ruler “broke down” at Santa Anita
Whyalwaysme “vanned off” at Thistledown
I Got Faith “bled” at Thistledown
Doing Fine “bad stumble, DNF” at Turf
Be Wild “vanned off” at Charles Town
Onemoreaffair “lame, vanned off” at Fonner
Grey Gaurters “vanned off” at Louisiana
One Bye Two “vanned off” at Sunray
Tropical Heat “vanned off” at Turf
Glorious Empire “bled” at Belmont
Dealingatthegate “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Squeeze Me “vanned off while bleeding” at Turf

“Broke Down” ā€“ racing-speak for dead
“Vanned Off” ā€“ many, if not most, will be on my year-end FOIA kill-reports
“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” ā€“ usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Was there a horse injured at the start of the Kentucky Derby? It looked like a horse was rearing up right out of the gate. It did not look good but of course nothing was mentioned.Racing is a horrible “sport”. It needs to be banned forever.

  2. Peggy – The horses name is Thunder Snow. Apparently he did not break out of the gate very well, and started bucking, jockey pulled him up, a vet checked him out and found no injuries on his legs, he then walked back to the paddock on his own. He was further examined and nothing was found. They are guessing that he did not like the sloppy track, as he had never run on one before, and decided he wanted no part of it. If only more horses would refuse to race when they didn’t feel well enough. We will never know, but maybe he saved his own life by not racing that day.

  3. How many more Pap’s Pals?
    How many more Press Executive’s?
    Alydar? Ferdinand? Excellor?
    Dying on the tracks, at the training centers, dying for insurance money?
    Dying in barn fires under mysterious circumstances?
    “Premier” racetrack Woodbine didn’t even have fire sprinklers in their barns because they didn’t want to incur the expense most likely (it wasn’t mandatory) so this was the result:
    At the time, Woodbine was receiving 345 MILLION PER YEAR of money that was diverted from the tax coiffures – money that could not be accounted for after an INDEPENDENT government audit.
    Yet, they couldn’t find it in their budget to ensure that racehorses didn’t burn to death!
    Public outcry, and ONLY public outcry, left Woodbine no choice, but to install fire sprinklers, then subsequently pat themselves on the back for being so “caring” towards their horses.
    This is a pathetic, horrific, and unacceptable business that needs to be shut down.
    How many racehorses died the non-heroes, non-stake winners, no-names?
    They are just as important as the big name horses, but the no-names are only mentioned here on this blog.
    Otherwise, they would die with nobody knowing, and that’s just the way they want it.
    Even now – CHRB in conjunction with racetrack owners are refusing to release names.
    This is their dirty little secret that they would prefer remain anonymous – what a bunch of a**holes..

  4. Well, some of you may remember my beloved horse, 4 yr old filly, Zanuche, who in June of 2015 died after being taken swimming at a track in Ohio, Thistledown Racino. Apparently, Zanuche was forced to swim until her lungs bled and then was left bleeding in her stall all night, and died the next day. It’s been a long time, but I finally have an attorney and we are filing in court next week against those responsible. What they wanted to brush under the rug will be heard. Not sure what the outcome will be, but I am thankful for all of you who supported me and for Patrick, who helped me when I was shocked to my senses and could see the truth about the racing business. They will not remain guiltless. And thank you Joy, for telling your story.

    • Yes, Kim, I do remember your tragic account – losing any horse is heartbreaking, but when their death is the result of such callous disregard as it was in the case of your Zanuche…well, just know that I understand and you have my sincerest condolences.

      I’m certain every racehorse supporter here wishes you and your legal team the very best. And thank you for pressing on – for Zanuche.

      • Thank you, Joy. It’s not just a lawsuit and it’s not about the money, but once it’s filed, my attorney, said that it’s public record and I can let the world know that I am suing the trainer and the vets for the wrongful death of my filly. And let them know I will!!

      • I plan to write and publish a press release as soon as the suit is filed. My lawyer is working hard and not even charging me. He feels so bad that this could even happen and he said it’s so cruel! It’s a perfect example coming to light of the lies, cruelty and deception that these poor horses have to endure in their innocent lives. Patrick, you are my hero!!! They haven’t heard the last from Zanuche!!

    • I remember, too, and I know we spoke on the phone several times about the loss of Zanuche. I am happy to hear that you are moving forward with your lawsuit. Those that caused your horse’s death need to be held accountable.

  5. Thank you , Mary. I didn’t know how to reach you but you greatly helped me through the worst time of my life!! The fact that Milligan may have rendered my beloved filly when she promised to have her buried is horrible too. I’m in the process of reading the draft of the complaint and .when that’s done it will be filed. The worst thing is that if they had called me when she first started bleeding she would be alive today. But they lied and tried to hide the fact that they swam her so hard her lungs bled and the just left her alone in a stall all night. So she bled to death. So heartbreaking.

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