Dead in California, April

Dead Racehorses in California, April:

unidentified, week March 27-April 2, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 3-April 9, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 3-April 9, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 3-April 9, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 17-April 23, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 17-April 23, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 24-April 30, Santa Anita
unidentified, week April 24-April 30, Santa Anita

Saturday Command, April 8, Golden Gate, race 3, “injured at the 1/2…euthanized at the scene”

Gold Vapor, April 12, Golden Gate, “acute colic…euthanized”

(source: California Horse Racing Board)


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  1. Santa Anita, owned by Frank Stronach |(AKA The Stronach Group, Magna Entertainment, Adena Springs) has lots of racehorses dying on his tracks (Gulfstream), some of whom are dying under mysterious circumstances with allegedly high money insurance policies in place.
    By denying the release of names, connections, race records, and patterns can’t be reviewed just like a dirty secret.
    Nor can it be confirmed whether the racehorse who died has an insurance policy in place.
    This is the same outfit who deliberately eliminates Race Replays that show racehorses dying in the dirt.
    They will only replay if the camera angle doesn’t show the poor racehorse going down with, more than likely, broken legs.
    So sorry for all these racehorses, whatever your names are, you were all doomed to die it seems.

  2. It’s all about money , no horse shouldn’t be on the track unlit its 5 , This has been going on to long , They need to do something with all the deaths . but they won’t , and the over breeding each mare should raise her own baby not a nurse so the more valuable mare can be bred again . MONEY Looks like the government needs to step in they won’t what is right for the animal just the Money is what they care about

  3. Quite a few years back (although it still goes on I am positive), there was a real racket of killing racehorses for insurance money. There were even some cases where they disguised less valuable horses as more valuable horses, using dye, etc., so they could get a bigger pay day. And then there was Alydar… Ir Google Paul Valliere, now there’s a piece of work! The lesser-known and unknown horses, are the ones who break my heart. Anyone that supports this FILTHY industry is an idiot.

    • Gaynor, thank you for this information. How can we forget the great Alydar?
      However, there are many other unknowns that were probably killed for insurance money.
      Here’s a recent situation that should boggle anybody’s mind:
      Despite the fact that these people who “cared” and “loved” their horses didn’t have FIRE sprinklers in their barn, nor were they present for the fire – they were conveniently on vacation in Florida!!??
      The owners were allegedly on the verge of bankruptcy.
      Here’s another story:
      Recently, the barn at the former Victory Haven Training Center now the Mercury Center in Lexington, KY:
      Everybody knows that this training center has been undergoing strenuous financial trouble to keep it afloat.
      There is no doubt in my mind the business of dying racehorses on racetracks or on training centers is potentially tied, in some cases, to large insurance policy payouts.
      Top champion racehorse IZVESTIA was sent out by Trainer, Roger Attfield, allegedly knowing about his leg being lame.
      A former groom spoke out about it, and then disappeared off the map stating that Izvestia was completely lame on that back leg, but a 1 million insurance policy was put into place, and their goal was reached when he died in the dirt at Woodbine it seems.
      Merely putting up the Death Facts is opening a can of worms, and that’s why they come on this site, and condemn it hiding behind anonymous names for the most part.
      Dying and/or killing racehorses for insurance payouts is just another dirty secret of this vile business.

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