Sky Changer Euthanized on Track at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Sky Changer was euthanized on the track after breaking down in the 1st at Charles Town Wednesday.

This is horseracing.


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  1. One should read the chart’s comments on this race. Several horses getting “bumped” (more like crashed into by the other horses) – Sky Changer, a 4-year-old gray filly, was slammed into which then forced her into another horse. Major Crisis was struck in the face by another horse’s jockey. And this is entertainment?

      • Joy, where I am, I often come across horses being struck (usually on the face/head) with the whip by a rival’s jockey and just the other day one copped it in the eye in the closing stages of the race when it was gaining on the leader whose rider ‘accidentally’ struck this horse who was a threat. Not surprisingly, the offending jockey won the race. These jockeys don’t give a damn and they’re fully aware that their whip can strike a rival close by. Officially, these incidents are classed as ‘accidental’ or ‘unintentional’ which, in itself, indicates that the horse has suffered abuse and injury.

        There’s something truly disturbing about watching a horse being whipped at both ends……

  2. The PP’s for Sky Changer are not only common, but reveals a manual of abuse right up until she died.
    These morally reprehensible apologists even pay to abuse them when you really look more closely.
    $3014.00 is what this filly made while being abused.
    It takes a minimum of $50 per day to keep a horse in training, and this is unrealistic because it’s more like $100 per day.
    So for 8 months of active training, these people put out a minimum $12,000.
    Add in the breeding, and it cost at least $10,000 to breed, and get a horse ready for the track.
    So $22,000 for $3014?
    Delusional, and morally bankrupt.
    Poor Sky Changer – so sorry for you filly.

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