A “Snowy, Sloppy” Breakdown

From the Equibase charts last night:

2-year-old (just – his birthday was in March) Mr Wine Opener “broke down” in the 3rd at Arapahoe (this, on that track’s “opening day” – check out this vile picture on its website). The conditions, according to the chart, were “snowing, sloppy.” Must have been pretty bad as the rest of the day’s card was canceled on account of weather.

4-year-old Red Atlantic “broke down” in the 6th at Belterra. After running one more race, Belterra, too, canceled out due to weather.

In other words, weather – something that is almost always avoidable – likely factored in to bringing down one, if not both, of these horses. “Safety first”? Please.


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  1. Forcing these horses to race in unacceptable weather conditions is a crime. Even in good weather, it’s a battlefield in a race for these noble, intelligent and sensitive animals who often suffer collisions, clipping heels, falling and injuries as a result of racing tight with many jockeys riding recklessly not giving a damn about the living creatures underneath them. And of course racehorses are breaking down and dying on a daily basis.

    Yes, the show must go on in dangerous and life threatening weather for $2 bets and ‘entertainment’.

    This is horseracing, folks!

    • The first breakdown I ever saw was in horribly sloppy conditions in a pouring rain. The poor mare won the race- then just passed the wire- slipped in the mud and tried to catch herself with the opposite front leg – still at a full run. The leg couldn’t take it and snapped off. I couldn’t believe this could physically happen to a horse. I was shocked. And I’ll never forget it.

      • SD, thank you for sharing. That poor mare, cannot imagine her terrible pain, shock and fear. Sorry you witnessed her inexcusable death, one never forgets a sickening incident like that. And the fact that she was being exploited for $2 bets and ‘entertainment’ is disturbing and gut-wrenching.
        Please spread the word.

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