“Found Dead in Stall”; “Died Cooling Out”

Quick Coconut, a 4-year-old gelding whose most recent race came May 7 at Tampa Bay, was, according to the NYS Gaming Commission, “found dead in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes May 19.

“Found dead in his stall.”

Yo Adrienne, a 3-year-old filly being prepped for her first start, “died,” says the Commission, “cooling out” after a training session at Finger Lakes May 22.

“Died cooling out.”

Horseracing kills horses – lots of them, in many different ways. Please stop supporting this cruelty: Don’t bet; don’t attend; don’t patronize racinos.


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  1. Patrick, I share your posts, and any other posts regarding horse abuse to a page on FB, https://www.facebook.com/Voice-of-the-Horse-1443707995894714/?fref=nf

    I started it awhile back just to post all of your info to another page for another exposure spot and anything else I find. This is what I wrote today in regards to poor Quick Coconut and Adrienne.

    .”A 4 year old just “died in their stall”. I would like to know if there was insurance money involved. Disgusting….
    And a 3 year old died cooling out???? Meaning people around her didn’t give a crap to take care of her properly or she was tanked up on drugs and run to her death. Disgusting and should be a felony.
    How do any of the people involved with this sleep at night?? Karma is a bitch…..isn’t that great”

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts for our horses….I know it must wear deeply on your soul, and yet you continue. Many times I will have to go without reading for several months and then play “catch up” when I am emotionally able. But you are here, every single day. Know that you are appreciated by more than you know. And for the ones without voices….they would have no one if not for people like you.

  2. No one is going to do anything about these poor blessed Horses dyeing in all types of deaths ! It’s too much money made in this type of ( Fun) for the public! AT THE COSTS OF HORSES DAILY! What will it take??? Maybe if a jockey died every time a horse did, then maybe it would be stopped! Or say a owner died each time! I’m just talking. I just want this too Stop! I love horses♥️💔💔

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