“Broke Down On His Own”

Two horses were reported as “broke down” yesterday by Equibase; “broke down,” for the uninitiated, is the industry’s euphemism of choice for dead. In the 5th at Arlington, 7-year-old Medalquest; in the 7th at Santa Anita, 4-year-old Sudden Sam. Pouring an extra dash of salt in this (mortal) wound, the notes on the latter ended thus: “The stewards conducted an inquiry into the stretch run before ruling SUDDEN SAM broke down on his own.”

Vile stuff.


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  1. The stewards at Arlington are a classic example of the callous, heartless and repulsive people in official positions in the racing industry.
    “broke down” …..eh?
    What was SUDDEN SAM’s fatal injury/condition that caused his death, was it?
    a fractured cannon bone
    a smashed sesamoid/s
    a collapse of the suspensory apparatus
    severed tendons
    a broken neck
    a fractured skull
    a broken shoulder
    a broken carpus (knee)
    a fractured pelvis
    a broken spine
    an exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage
    a cardiac failure brought on by the stress of the life of the racehorse e.g. pumped with a cocktail of drugs both legal and illegal

    Whatever the nature of the injury that caused this racehorse’s death, he did it to himself ALL ON HIS OWN, folks and it had nothing to do with being forced to race, according to the scumbags at ARLINGTON.

    This is horseracing.

  2. It is a greedy sport where animals are used and abused for big bucks. I saw two horses break legs at n the only two races i ever watched. Never again. All for big money and exploitation of beautiful horses

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