“Collapsed and Died on the Turn”


2-year-old On the Deadline was “pulled up in distress” in the 1st at Finger Lakes. The NYS Gaming Commission confirms “euthanized.”

6-year-old You Know Juneau “collapsed and died on the turn” in the 3rd at Penn.

4-year-old Letithappen “broke down” in the 7th at Golden Gate.

In addition, numerous others were “vanned off” to unknown fates. Oh, and there were some “bleeders,” too.

This is horseracing.

(source: Equibase)


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  1. This is vile, despicable, and unacceptable.
    So sorry for all these racehorses who lost their life to flip a buck for wagering companies.
    Just going through the equibase charts yesterday was horrific.
    There appeared to be inhumane treatment of racehorses going on leading to maiming and/or dying.
    For example, the “premier” racetrack called Woodbine was full of incidents in almost every single race that seems to indicate ongoing animal cruelty under the guise of “entertainment.”
    So much to list, but I will isolate the worse examples:

    2nd Race, Malibu Bliss, “eased” so couldn’t even finish the race although they stated he walked-off as if this makes it better, but I suppose making it out alive is an anomaly when eased. Although we don’t know, at this point, whether the horse is still alive.
    3rd Race, Handsome Cowboy, “flattened out in the stretch” a clear indication that something is amiss.
    It’s important to note that the winning trainer, Anthony Adamo, of this race trained for Mike Gill while being under investigation for racing unsound horses, and they were ejected from Penn National.
    True to industry form, he got off with a slap on the wrist, and there he is training at a “premier” racetrack.
    The fact that all evidence pointed to racing horses that were in pain, and suffering is just fine with the management team at Woodbine, and with the commission who licensed him.
    Tony is at again in the 7th Race, Eye on Berlin “tired,” finishing last, but for a trainer with a past history that’s okay with the enablers Woodbine management because they permit him to stable, and run there.
    8th Race, CATCH A GLIMPSE, this is a very common scenario that further supports the comments made here by people who want this mayhem to end.
    Special mention should be made for CATCH A GLIMPSE (CAG). So ironic that her name really gives us a “glimpse” of what’s going on with the business of horse racing.
    CAG won 3 separate Sovereign Awards in Canada starting at the age of 2, is a MULTIPLE GRADED STAKES WINNER of $1,853,615.
    Folks – that’s over 1.8 MILLION dollars, but that wasn’t enough to protect her from the EVIL people of this legitimized animal cruelty. They absolutely make me SICK!
    Catch A Glimpse BROKE DOWN yesterday at the “premier” racetrack Woodbine in the 8th race.
    No it wasn’t enough that she made over 1.8 million, and it certainly wasn’t enough to keep exploiting her.
    Instead, she was pushed beyond her limits, and this poor gal fell at the 7/16 th’s pole, and BLED, VANNED-OFF.
    You people absolutely DISGUST me!
    Coming out of a “top” trainers barn, Mark Casse, who has about 200 racehorses in training, she was just another horse to fill a race, and to generate even more money for her owners it seems.
    Her medication record, kept secret, so neither the wagering public nor anybody else can scrutinize what exactly went on with CAG before she fell.
    I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for all racehorses who go down in the dirt, but it’s the horses like Catch A Glimpse that show just how abusive, and inhumane this business is.
    These people absolutely repulse, and disgust me, and to claim that they “care” is an assault on my intelligence.
    Like I’ve always maintained, every single racehorse is subjected to this mayhem, and carnage.
    None are immune to the deplorable outcome of dropping in the dirt.
    The status of Catch A Glimpse is currently unknown as they have not disclosed whether she lived or died.
    Absolute low life despicable animal abusers!

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