Colt Dead at Belmont

4-year-old Happy Match is dead after breaking down – “bad steps,” says the chartwriter – in the 1st at Belmont yesterday; the Gaming Commission promises an “investigation [will] follow.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. I don’t know to what extent you try to get your message into public media but here’s a potential opportunity. Yesterday morning (Sat.) I was listening to the NPR program “Only a Game” hosted by Bill Littlefield. He said he will be doing a story about Man O’ War. I think that will be upcoming in the program for next Sat. I’m not interested in sports per se but sometimes listen to his program because he tells interesting stories, sometimes with an ethical content. Perhaps he would include something about the horrors of horse racing if you contacted NPR about it.

    Linda DeStefano

    • Mainstream media has behaved poorly in not reporting the truth about what goes on with the horses in this industry.

      • Joe Drape, NY Times, sounded the alarm bell when racehorses were dying for high purse money.
        He did a very good investigation that exposed this business for what it is.
        Then he went silent.
        Now he’s supporting horse racing even writing a sports blog!

  2. It’s terribly sad and tragic to hear of these cruel, preventable, needless deaths — WHEN will this industry change? — WHEN will it change for the betterment of the horses? — WHY is this notion so difficult to grasp? — STOP abusing and driving these magnificent animals to their brutal deaths — SHAME on all the humans — you CAN have both — you still can have a successful business AND treat the horses with care & respect — everyone wins — everyone is entertained and having fun, especially the horses.

  3. This APPEARS to be another racehorse dying for insurance purposes for West Point Thoroughbreds.
    I’ve reviewed countless horses owned by them who die – all with similar modus operandis.
    They were all purchased for 6 figures, in this case, for $150,000.
    When it’s discovered that the horse doesn’t have Stake level talent the horse dies!
    This seems to be a distinct pattern with West Point who has Dutrow’s son training for them.
    Lots of history on Dutrow, and his shady business practices.
    He FINALLY got suspended, and his son picked-off where he left off it seems.
    HAPPY MATCH seems to have lost his life due to lack luster performances and a high sales price tag that greedy people wanted back.
    We will never know what was given to Happy Match before he was sent to his death nor we will see the necropsy reports.
    I think that New York has a mandatory necropsy program which we may be able to get via FOIA?
    However, medical records, and pre-existing conditions are never disclosed.
    How about cracking the leg in the stall, pumping him up with some strong analgesic just enough to get him onto the track which is usually required for insurance payouts on active racehorses?
    Just saying – it can never be proved either way because this is the dirty world of horse racing.

  4. If there are protests outside of Belmont Race Track count me in. Maybe I can get my husband to go. We are 65+ I grew up walking distance from there. Glad to go. PM me on Facebook or e-mail me.

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