Dead Horses on Belmont Day

On “Belmont Day” (from Equibase):

4-year-old Avenue Road “broke down” in the 5th at Charles Town and, I have confirmed, was euthanized back in the barn.

3-year-old National Trust “broke down” in the 4th at Parx – “humanely euthanized.”

3-year-old Sugar Foot Anne “broke down” in the 9th at Delaware.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission reports the following for 2-year-old Sharp as a Tack at Tioga Downs: “death in back stretch barn following an on-track warm up.”

In addition:

Hollywood Handsome “vanned off” at Belmont (in Belmont Stakes).

Anxious Dreams “vanned off” at Canterbury.

Task Force Glory “vanned off” at Churchill.

El Jarocho “down after wire, vanned off” at Delta.

Any Given Trace “returned bleeding” at Parx.

De Facto “bled, vanned off” at Prairie.

I have also learned that 5-year-old Slip the Cable, an “eased, vanned off” in the 8th at Charles Town Thursday, was in fact euthanized on the track. “Eased, vanned off” is what they told us; dead where he lay is what actually happened.

This is horseracing.


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  1. So many injured and killed racehorses. So much deceit and attempt to cover up the crippling and death. “Transparency” in this industry, the apologists claim? – that word isn’t in racing’s vocabulary.

  2. SONIC MULE – yet another victim of Todd Pletcher.
    Broke down in the Easy Goer stakes race on Belmont Day.
    Veterinarian records undisclosed.
    This is a multiple graded stakes colt, purchased for $175,000 by Calumet Farm whose had lots of racehorses dying on tracks all over the place in the last couple of years.
    I suppose the grinning Todd Pletcher when winning the Belmont, quickly forgot about Sonic Mule who was suffering in the stable area – IF HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE.
    This Todd Pletcher is a racehorse killer (manslaughter in human law) – plain and simple, and he continues to ply his trade which often results in racehorses being maimed and killed.
    His operating procedures are the same as the other 2 musketeers – teflon Bob Baffert and Steve Asmussen.
    These are the people that this industry supports so that makes them 100% complacent in their deaths.
    Patrick, PLEASE find out what the status of Sonic Mule is and post it here.
    We must not let Sonic Mule suffer or die in vain for an animal abuser called Todd Pletcher.

  3. While races were being maimed and/or killed on NY racetracks on Belmont Day in true horse racing fashion they gloated about making 127 MILLION in wagering profit during the 3 days!
    While hundreds of racehorses are going to slaughter, while many are being dumped after they maim them, and of course Redneck Margarita exemplifies the inhumane treatment of racehorses.
    While all of this horrific VILE action is being perpetrated on these non-consenting beings this business has the audacity to brag about 127 MILLION wagering dollars!
    While working class folk, that had NOTHING to do with a racehorses degradation, step up to the plate to give even $100 or less to collectively get a racehorse out of harms way this bloody VILE business rakes in 127 MILLION dollars and that’s why it needs to SHUT DOWN.
    I will celebrate for every single racetrack that shuts down, and I will continue to be a voice for the thousands of racehorses that get maimed and killed for an industry that doesn’t give a fuck about them!
    Even 1% of 127 million would go a long way to taking care of their disposable profit slaves, and that’s just one race meeting.
    It’s despicable that our government continues to support this business while they are making these obscene profits off the bones, and backs of these poor souls.
    Please folks, stop wagering on racehorses – please!

  4. UPDATE: So cruel and violent was the death of 2-year-old STANDARDBRED SHARP AS A TACK at Tioga Downs on June 11, 2017 that today [09.25.17] the NYSGC confirmed 2-year suspension of trainer Mike Sinclair.

    NYSGC reported:“death in back stretch barn following an on-track warm up”.

    In actuality, per USTA: While training Sharp As A Tack, Sinclair cruelly mistreated SHARP AS A TACK by brutal and excessive force, unjustifiably whipping the horse, overworking the horse in a difficult environment (heat
    and humidity), and knowingly and intentionally causing the horse to become physically injured, exhausted, overwrought and frightened. Mr. Sinclair also recklessly, mercilessly beat Sharp As A Tack, knowingly and intentionally endangered the horse, persons and property on the grounds of Tioga Downs, in effect causing the horse to become violent and uncontrollable, causing her TO BREAK HER NECK, while damaging the barn, endangering itself and persons in the vicinity, ultimately causing the horse to be humanely euthanized.

    In a previous, unsanctioned incident, eye witnesses report, Sinclair brutalized another 2-year-old filly so severely after her 12 mile training session, that in attempt to get away from the whipping in the stall that she tried to escape through the 2 foot wide window at the top of the stall and slit her own throat and died (not put down).

    I believe a lifetime ban would have been more fitting of his crimes. RIP Sharp As A Tack.

    • There are only 3 categories of apologists: 1. Abusers 2.Enablers of the abuse 3. Both
      This a prime example of this.
      A lifetime ban should have been immediately implemented, but his is horse racing where animal abuse, and the abusers get away with even killing them.
      Horse racing KILLS horses – no doubt.
      So sorry SHARP AS TACK.
      My only wish is that one day it will be legal for people to do unto these abusers as they do onto the horses.

  5. And no one stepped in to save these poor animals. Atrocious. If the public saw someone do this to a dog or cat – it would make the newscast- If not national news. And yet- since its horse racing – it barely gets a mention – and certainly not on and racing sites. And the perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist.

  6. The brutalization of these animals calls for cruelty charges and a ban from racing.
    This clearly shows racing does a totally inadequate job of policing itself. Money is what counts and not the horse, even when extreme cruelty is involved.

    In all likelihood this guy will have access to the barn and track as well as assistant(s) to take over during his suspension.

    Mike Sinclair is an out of control individual and should not be allowed to “train” horses, period. His behavior is
    is a danger to horses and people.

    A 2yr. suspension is a joke and insult to justice.

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