Some “Bad Steps,” Some Dead Horses

The Equibase chart notes for 4-year-old Stone Cross in the 8th at Presque Isle last night: “…took a bad step, broke down and was humanely destroyed.”

“Broke down, destroyed.” Sport? Entertainment? Apologists, reflect on that.

Also, 9-year-old Non Stop had this in the 5th at Belmont Sunday: “…took bad steps coming to the five-sixteenths pole, spun very wide into the lane under a light gallop, head cocked severely to the left, took even worse steps…resulting in the rider bailing off, was reeled in…and subsequently vanned off.” We know now (Gaming Commission), however, that Non Stop’s “bad and worse steps” were the result of or resulted in a break and a rupture, and he is dead – euthanized back in the barn. ‘Twas his 65th time under the whip.


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  1. So much for that old theory lee eyerman had of an older racehorse knows how to protect itself screw horseracing and everything it stands for

  2. Every horse that is exploited in this industry I am sad for. For those injured and killed, I am sickened. Yet I believe there is an additional insult when they labor longer, are raced more, and make a great deal of money that is simply taken from them – nothing set aside for their “retirement”. Non Stop is one of those racehorses – he made nearly a half-million dollars. And even then, his body, his life, was for sale for just 12.5K in the race that killed him. Can they disrespect and take advantage of these sentient beings anymore than they already do?!?!?

    And the jockey “BAILS”? – no attempt to even TRY to protect Non Stop?

    I had some racing apologist tell me that racehorses only die at the “cheap tracks” – that where SHE goes to watch horse racing…Saratoga…horses don’t die there. Well, number one, that’s not true. But additionally, countless horses that race at Saratoga will die when racing at other tracks – like Non Stop. It’s just geography…racing still killed them.

    I’m so sorry Stone Cross and Non Stop. Your lives mattered.

    • Thank you for educating those who don’t know about racehorses like Stone Cross or Non Stop who are victims of the horse racing business.
      As you know Joy, they just keep on coming like the droplets falling down at Niagara Falls.
      There isn’t any amount of rescues that can ever catch all those drops.
      It’s so incredibly disturbing.

      Dr Drip was a survivor, had such a strong heart and soul in the middle of a shit storm.
      He endured a living hell like beyond anything I’ve ever seen in all my years of rescuing racehorses.
      Just when I think I witness the bottom of the barrel, I realize that it’s the top, and I lose my mind.
      The pics attest to his will to survive.
      Any other horse would have dropped dead after the first year of enduring such neglect, and abuse.
      For him to be still standing, to still be trying to eat while maggots were eating his flesh, to be forced to carry a 250 pound approximately guy with his flesh falling off of him, the have a bit forced into his mouth with all those cankers, blisters, and abscesses – tells a story of one strong willed horse.

      Sadly, his body could no longer carry his fighting spirit.
      Well, Dr Drip we will continue to fight and be a voice on your behalf for these heartless, cruel, abusers, dumpers, exploiters of horse racing.
      To the Ayers, to jockey DANNY LAVERGNE, to the anonymous “friend,” to the farrier, to all the people who came across this horse and continued to neglect him, and to all people who drove by probably saw his condition and never stopped – you are all as equally responsible as the monster who got arrested.

      Any amount of suffering that life should reap on you will not come close to the suffering that Dr Drip endured because of your lack of compassion.


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