Dead in NY: Flying Bullet, Adirondack Dancer, Ed’s Dream

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

June 27, Belmont, Flying Bullet “sustained injury while breezing…ambulanced to barn; xrays revealed fx RF leg – euthanized.” Flying Bullet was four.

June 28, Belmont, Adirondack Dancer “euthanized due to severe lamintis.” Adirondack Dancer was eight, raced most recently November 12 at Aqueduct.

June 29, Saratoga Harness, Ed’s Dream “died on track after race – possible heart problem.” Ed’s Dream was three – three, and collapsed and died from a “possible heart problem.” Vile. Simply vile.


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  1. FLYING BULLET is worth special mention although all racehorses are equally important.
    Royally bred and born into one of the most influential people in horse racing: FRANK STRONACH (AKA Adena Springs AKA Magna Entertainment).
    The breeding price for the Sire Smart Strike is $100,000.
    The cost of breeding, training, and getting to the racetrack approximately $30,000.
    Incidentals about $20,000+.
    Trained by one of the Racing Hall of (SH)amers James (Jimmy) Jerkens.
    Here’s where it gets interesting:
    Put through the sales ring, by Adena Springs, as a yearling and RNA’s at $200,000.
    Very reasonable to assume that an equine insurance policy was in place for $200,000.
    By the way, the consignor (in this case Adena Springs) sets the RNA price based on estimations for the sales, and for equine insurance purposes for the most part.
    So off to training Flying Bullet went for Frank Stronach.
    Performs in the Allowance category, for the most part, but certainly not living up to the “royal” breeding, and certainly not Graded Stakes material – NOW DEAD!
    Equine insurance policy in place more than likely for $200,000.
    Vet who treated? – Unknown.
    What was given to Flying Bullet before he went down in the dirt? – Unknown.
    Necropsy? – Unknown at this point.
    When apologists come on here and actually try to convince people that ONLY low level claimers are the ones dropping dead in the dirt – think again.
    ALL racehorses at ALL levels are subjected to: whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
    This is VILE and this is the real world of horse racing.

  2. Thanks for the information on Flying Bullet, Gina. It is always interesting to research the details on these unfortunates because it really lends even more credence to the use, abuse and killing. As is often said, the devil is in the details!
    Also, as you said,I it illustrates the vunrabality of all horses regardless of how expensive and well bred they are. The business is rotten top to bottom and through and through.

  3. If you have not seen the link on HR Wrongs facebook page about the Rojas trial, please go and look. And make sure to read the comments on Rays article. It is a disturbing read about the trial and the true nature of horseracing. Even more disturbing is the fact that the National HBPA is rallying in support of Rojas. I commend Ray Paulick for his bravery on this issue. He stood brave and reported, he left himself wide open for accusations and wrath from those in the industry who would rather support and rally with Rojas, instead of using this as a stepping stone to clean up racing. And to also add Beattie is still actively running horses. So as so many of have said…there truly is no accountability in racing…

    • Jury found Rojas guilty on 14 counts yesterday.
      Each count carries a maximum sentence of 3 years.
      Defense immediately announced it will appeal based on mislabeling of drugs by pharmaceutical companies.
      I swear they just don’t give a crap about the poor horses getting continuously and systematically doped in all resultling in some dropping dead in the dirt.
      Are there any limits or anything that this despicable industry can do to turn people-off to it?
      It’s beyond reprehensible that people actually defend and support these morally bankrupt people whose only desire is to dope, cheat, abuse, exploit, dump racehorses.
      The national HBPA (who controls BILLIONS in wagering profits) immediately garnered a slush fund for defense legal expenses to DEFEND this creep.
      It’s examples like this that really show just how bad this industry, and its main players are.

      On a positive note:

      A judge in California has agreed to hear a case launched by members of the public against SeaWorld for misleading the public about the orcas whom they exploit, presenting them as happy, and willing to perform!
      Sort of like the “born to run” phrase in horse racing.
      It’s a class action lawsuit and they will win.
      What does this have to do with horse racing?

      A lawsuit will soon come their way once this precedent is set because if they can sue SeaWorld for misleading the public then horse racing is definitely in the cue.
      Moreover, horse racing misleads the public way more than SeaWorld ever has according to some legal eagles.

      Hopefully, we can sue racetrack owners into the ground and shut them down.
      The racehorses will get their justice.

      • Thank you Gina. I love your comments, you really get information across, while it is a struggle for me.

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