Three More Dead 2-Year-Olds

From the charts (Equibase) last night at Delta (race 5): Banging With Stoli “dueled early, lost rider in final strides, fell after wire and was euthanized.” He was two.

With Saratoga’s much-anticipated opening still two weeks away, we already have two dead horses (Lakalas) on those hallowed grounds. Queen B suffered the following Thursday: “fracture…while breezing; vanned off – euthanized.” She, too, was two.

Then this from Oak Tree (California), June 19: Ethan Leave Hersudden death at barn area.” Ethan was “worked out” just three days before. Also, two years old.

Banging With Stoli, Queen B, Ethan Leave Her – three more equine babes destroyed by this vile industry.

Please stop betting; please stop attending; please stop patronizing racinos.


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  1. WHAT is it going to take for people to STOP supporting these hell holes for racehorses?
    Is DYING not enough?
    Are horses like Dr Drip not enough?
    How about Ben’s Cat, made over 2 million, horse of the year in Maryland, trainer still running him at 13 years old!
    NOW, less than 90 days off the track this:

    Let’s be clear Ben’s Cat would have most likely DIED on the track had Leatherbury kept him in training.
    If he dies, I will count his death as a non-racing fatality – hands down.
    Well, at least he’s getting the medical care he so deserves unlike hundreds of other racehorses standing at kill auction dumped with serious medical conditions or in neglectful situations like Dr Drip.

    Halos And Angels – entered for another round of abuse.

    The list goes on and on, the maiming goes on and on, the dying goes on and on….
    The doping/race fixing rings at the detriment of the racehorse continues unabated it seems.
    Please folks, WHAT is it going to take?

    Another 3 dead in the dirt.
    So sorry for all of you and for all active racehorses kept hostage in a stall with needles going in and out of them, doping, corruption, and losing their lives for a bunch of ungrateful idiots.
    What a WASTE of taxpayers money in whatever form it comes in – this MUST stop.
    We MUST end this.


  2. Yes, Gina, i saw a notice on HALOS AND ANGELS

    This long suffering mare is once again entered to race at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort on July 11.
    She last raced on February 6, 2017 at Mahoning Valley, and came home 22+ lengths stone motherless last and the chart reported that she was ‘outrun’. She sure was outrun – there were 8 horses in the race and there was a gap of 11 lengths between herself and the 7th/second last placegetter. On June 7, she was vet scratched. She was later entered to run again at Mountaineer on June 26 but did not race. Her connections appear to be attempting to continue to race her into the ground whilst racing officials, the relevant racing commission and the so-called vets conveniently ignore the blatant animal abuse that she is suffering. Halos and Angels is high risk, especially as it has been 5 months since she last raced (see reference to the vet scientists below).

    SHAMROCK ROAD had a workout at Presque Isle Downs on July 8, 2017.
    Previously he has had 3 recent workouts: one in May and two in June 2017.
    He has not raced since November 15, 2016 and I haven’t seen him entered to race – why the hesitation to race him? If and when he does race he will be high risk as the vet scientists have revealed in their research on bone fatigue (e.g. Dr Christopher Riggs – Hong Kong and Dr Chris Whitton – Australia).

    This now 5 year old gelding had 12 race starts in 18 weeks early in his career including 9 starts as a 2 year old. This baby had 24 starts in 11 months (1.16.15 to 12.18.15). No wonder, this horse went downhill.

    Owner: Dream Ridge Racing
    Trainer: Richard Markham
    Breeder: Edward Charles Sexton and Mary Grace Mead

    Sexton was his original trainer/owner from January to December 18, 2015. This racehorse has changed hands a few times having had 3 different owners and trainers since his first start on January 16, 2015.
    Shamrock Road is just one example only of what goes on with far too many racehorses, especially geldings.

  3. I don’t care what the pro racers say. These babies are not mature physically to cope with the strenuous training regimes, and the races themselves. Their bones are not formed properly. Their organs cannot take the stress forced upon them. Far too many are raised to die or be shot. It is so wrong.

    • Thanks for caring, Janine.
      In Australia, approximately 48% of the foals bred to race in the industry never get to race. The reasons vary.
      Some are born with deformities or health issues and are destroyed.
      Some cannot cope with the stress of training and suffer injury or death.
      Some are poorly managed.
      Some are the victims of owners who change their minds about their ‘investment’.
      Some are found to be failures e.g. too slow (with a high number of top sires’ progeny in this category). I came across a very young gelding in a saleyard who was in a bad way, he had race plates on and had been in training for his first race when he suffered injury and was dumped, left in pain with no veterinary treatment. He was by a good sire. Vets at the nearby university found that the injury to his back was as a result of a trauma and not fixable, so the kindest option was to euthanase him.

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