Three-Horse “Spill” at Emerald Kills at Least One

Three horses went down in the 6th at Emerald Saturday; one (at least) is dead. According to Equibase, Signorina Ermenia “went wrong and fell nearing the quarter”; two trailing horses, Current Sea Xpress and I’z a Sweet Ride, then fell over her. Signorina Ermenia, says The Seattle Times, “suffered a broken leg” and was euthanized. While the final two races of the night were canceled, Emerald avoided any mention of death on its website, saying only that the three horses “were involved in a spill” and that Signorina Ermenia “stumbled of her own accord.” Imagine that.

The kill…

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  1. Appreciate the posting of the picture by Florence Fleming as we have been told by an old horseman several years ago,” Emerald Downs is too hard on horses and has too high a breakdown rate.” Nothing like seeing the actual breakdown to witness the truth.

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