Filly Breaks Down While Being Whipped at Saratoga; Kills Also at Del Mar, Belterra

The 3rd at Saratoga yesterday unfolded thus for 4-year-old Angels Seven (Equibase): “ANGELS SEVEN…was in the midst of being put to encouragement [whipped, that is] when she took a bad step…and unfortunately had to be euthanized.” Unfortunately. The replay can be found here (Race 3); Angels (the #8 horse) breaks down around 6:45 – just as she was being whipped (there is a slow-motion shot of this at 7:20).

A bit later Friday afternoon at Belterra (race 5), this for another 4-year-old, Limoges: “LIMOGES…went down suddenly just past the call…euthanized on the track.”

Finally – this was the Equibase note on 5-year-old Golden Light in the 6th at Del Mar Thursday: “GOLDEN LIGHT…took a bad step and was pulled up in distress leaving the backstretch and was vanned off.” “Vanned off,” we have learned from the Daily Racing Form, to her death – the first official kill at “cool as ever” Del Mar this summer.

This is horseracing.


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  1. VILE.
    Blatant animal abuse, cruelty, and sadistic torture.
    The PP’s on ANGELS SEVEN is a script for animal abuse all condoned by top Trainer Nick Zito.
    If anybody saw a person beating/whipping their dog in the dog park they would be immediately reported, and charged on felony animal cruelty charges in most states.
    WHY is this so different folks?
    It isn’t.
    This entire industry is systemic, and legitimized animal abuse.
    I encourage everybody to visit this site:

    This is the real world of horse racing prior to them dying in the dirt.
    These are racehorses who are so used, abused, and exploited that they are put on a “watch list.”

    The standouts on this list are: SALIENTITO this 10 y.o gelding has 125 starts!!!!!!!
    Egregious acts of inhumane treatment on a racehorse.
    Please folks go on Twitter. Go to Shelley Blodgett on Twitter. Scroll down to the posting on July 25, and there you will see a horse SUFFERING in his stall. She took video of this horse and is pleading for people to get him out of his misery.
    A horse sanctuary in the U.S has offered a forever home, but the horse racing industry hasn’t given and/or refuses to give, evidently, one dime to absorb the costs of getting him home.
    In fact, all the people trying to rescue this poor horse has nothing to do with the exploitation – typical racehorse scenario.

    Share this information to educate people about the real world of horse racing so that we can get these hell holes shut down.

    • because its horse racing….I hate tge sport (not a sport at all) but they wont get arrested eitger. it happens….

    • Unfortunately, no one has legislated over-breeding of thoroughbreds, to the point where their legs are too narrow and delicate and cannot support their weight at full gallop on a dirt track (which is harder on a horse’s legs than grass) as animal abuse. (It’s been called stupidity, but it’s not illegal.) Ruffian died for the same reason: her ‘heart’ was greater and stronger than her legs. As far as the one in the stall, I’d bet no one bothered to call the SPCA. No call, no conviction…

    • The horse on twitter is in Puerto Rico…. They cant prove anything so they are trying to encourage his move to the us. Currently theyve retired him as a pony horse. CTBA is working on facilitating his retirement if it doesn’t work out.

  2. This is outrageously cruel and disgusting and sickening and disgraceful and UNACCEPTABLE. This is heart-breaking to read this about this poor horse. Just sickens me to my core. . . .so WRONG. This has to stop, this has to be banned and OUTLAWED. Laws need to change, NOW.

  3. We need new to ban horseracing. Close down the horse racing tracks.
    Those people that are greedy need to be put out of business and the audience needs to find healthy entertainment instead!!!
    Those poor horses did not ask to be born, beaten, raced or killed.
    The breeders of these horses are evil hearted and have no conscience and neither do the owners and jockeys!
    SHAME, SHAME on them. Their day will come and it is coming soon!!

    • You have that right Jenna. This so called sport is inhumane, cruel and just plain evil. The people that support it have nothing better to do with their time and money. It is all about money and ego, it makes me furious and sad at the same time. So many of these gorgeous horses die at the tracks every year . The owners ,trainers, jockeys’ and people in the audience don’t care.The thoroughbred horses are over bred and thousands are sent to auctions where kill buyers buy them. Their next trip is to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico where they
      are brutally slaughtered. How can anyone that is supposed to love horses do that to them? Our counrty is heartless in the way we treat animals. The racing industry is so powerful I wonder how we can stop this cruelty?

  4. Horse racing is run by the Mob. It involves drugging, horrendous abuse and murder. Those who support this and those who are involved in this, are animal abusers at best and murderers. The horses that survive are sent to the slaughterhouse.

  5. Most of the people involved in this SPORT are of the same ilk .They support each other. Bribery and threats of losing their jobs must have a lot to do with it. And not forgetting sadistic pleasure that they get beating the hell out of creatures that can’t fight back.

  6. It’s a multi million pound industry and there’s too much invested in it. Breeders, trainers, jockeys etc etc… it’s disgusting, barbaric and extremely cruel but how do you propose to end it? It’s worldwide, so even if it was banned in one country, it’s unlikely to stop in every one. It’s another example of humans efficiency in dominating and exploiting every other species on this poor planet. We should be ashamed. I am.

  7. I had no idea – so glad to know the truth so I can oppose horse racing. I realized so many horse owners are not the people who truly care for the horses, but I had no idea this went on. Such beauty in these animals that should demand our respect. Horrible practices.

    • newsscriber – they actually think that they “care” and “love” them.
      That’s where the delusion comes in.
      Very similar to somebody who continually abuses their spouse, but maintains that they “love” them.
      The honeymoon period ensues, and then comes the abuse – no different here.
      Just the victim is different.

  8. Forcing the limits of these so loyal and beautiful animals is not called sports. It is cruelty. There should be rules and clear definitions of how these animals can be treated during the race. What is the limit to whipping? What is the fine for forcing the horse to die? Where is the veterinary?

    • Getting rid of horse racing will be a long involved process. Better you should work to ban betting on animals. That way, it covers the ‘bloodsports’ as well, cock-fighting, dog fights, etc. This is state-sanctioned betting, which I believe is illegal in most states. I don’t know if horse racing, and in some states dog racing,is exempt from this because it goes back to colonial times. But if we get the betting windows closed, horse racing will become the sport of coddled kings, with horses running for the sheer joy of running, and people watching because they’re beautiful and happy, not literally running for their lives.

  9. I saw a horse break his leg in a race at Canterbury Park today a little after 2pm. He fell and tried to get up but his back right leg was hanging loose and swinging around. He kept trying to get up but had no back leg to stand on and kept falling down. They brought the vet trailer and covered the area with tarps so no one could see anything. Thousands of people were there for the Corgis and Cupcakes festival (it was my first time seeing horse racing and I hesitantly went to celebrate a good friend’s birthday). Everything stopped when this happened and within 10 minutes everyone was back to having fun and looking forward to the next race. I feel like making emotional comments but find it more important to just document what I saw. :(

    • I looked up CP’s races for Saturday afternoon’s races, Kirsten, and saw that the 4-year-old, dark bay gelding named Suddenly Seymour injured his hind, fell to the track and was vanned off – no further mention regarding if he was euthanized. But with your description, I’m certain he was.

      Thank you for reporting.

      • Thank you for the info. I tried all night to find info on the horse and situation and couldn’t so thank you for giving me his name.

    • I was there for the Corgi races that day and was totally upset by what I saw. I am still upset today and see no point in risking the life of a beautiful horse so someone can place a bet. I was one of the few that was sickened that day and could not shake the feeling just because they removed the “problem” from the track. I will never watch horse racing again.

  10. There are no words. I just want to throw up. It makes me sick. GOD is Love and He gave us dominion over the animal kingdom, but to love them and to serve them even as they love and serve us in many ways. Sadly, their lives are not valued to some, once they stop producing money, they are useless to some of these wicked people.

  11. I think anybody who are involved in shameful barbarity has no conscience and much less human. How anybody can torture innocent gentle defenseless horses for money!!!! I am Christian so I should not hate my enemy but I cannot help knowing how much I love horses and they are torturing my friends to death. Our tear and cry is useless but we must take action to abolish this shameful barbarity. We must expose truth about horse race nation wide. write law makers to introduce strict laws to outlaw this form of animal cruelty. People who lives in state of CA need to get busy to help those horses by abolish sadistic barbarity only sadists can stand. This fight for horses is extremely hard but if we unite and fight harder, I think there is hope for horses who were born in wrong place and wrong time and they had no choice.

  12. People…stop going to these horrible races…dog and horse races alike…that’s the only way its gonna stop,….

  13. Thank you to all of the people above who object to this disgusting horse racing industry! I am part of the team and have a major problem with the abuse of these precious animals. I feel tremendous sadness for these unconditional, innocent horses. Money hungry gamblers need to be punished. Education and knowledge is power. Keep spreading the word and informing ignorant people of the abuse that all too many animals, of every different species, experience in this world. Stand strong together! Kindness Matters!!!

  14. I watched the video and there was no whipping or breakdown of the horse. Check your video b/4 putting it out.

  15. Patrick, thank you for your updates…..difficult to read, but necessary so that one day we can do right by these lovely creatures. If I could I’d travel to the various locations and do the exact same thing to those monsters that keep killing the horses. Then they step over them and continue on because their lives really don’t matter in the long run, and they don’t give a damn. I don’t bet on races, and only went to a couple when I was in my 20’s…..But, I have always enjoyed watching the races on T.V. (except for those damn whips). Since I’ve started reading your comments, I can’t even watch the races on T.V….They’ve got to do something….

  16. That is why I do not attend them anymore. It is too heartbreaking that horses lose their lives for the sake of entertainment… can’t do it anymore….

  17. This is all heart wrenching. Educate anyone you know or can address the issue. Awareness.
    I just read an article in Saratogian from 2 days ago – Jockey morns loss of Angel’s Seven. It goes on how HE was glad the horse let him back to safety, felt the loss for the owner & trainer, these things happen in horseracing, this is part of the game……. REALLY? I the article made no mention of him mourning Angels Seven! This is abuse! Start writing everyone you can think of.

  18. THREE reports of horses being killed on site?? Sounds more like horse killing vs. horse racing. Horses are only commodities at the track not the prized sentient beings they deserve to be.

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