10-Year-Old “Suffers Fatal Collapse” in 82nd Race

10-year-old Accomplice’s turn under the whip at Gulfstream Thursday night was his 82nd – and last. While he finished – 10th of 11 – he didn’t survive; Equibase: “Accomplice…retreated in the lane then suffered a fatal collapse after the race.” It was his first race on American soil, having toiled in Canada for the past eight years.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Usually I read these articles and just cry, but today I am angry as well as sad. Why was this wonderful, older horse still being forced to compete? It’s a rhetorical question to ask have the trainers and owners, no heart, no compassion? There is something seriously wrong with a society that sanctions murder and mayhem, and calls it sport. My heart hurts.

  2. Gaynor, I usually try to be civil, but this is so cruel, abusive, and inhumane.
    Starting out in Canada, well-bred racehorse with lots of promise like they all are.
    In the end, upper or lower tier, ACCOMPLICE ends up being dumped, and subsequently dies.
    This is horse racing.
    Woodbine is nothing more than a corruption pit from what I experienced, and saw which is where Accomplice started out.
    I’m absolutely disgusted that our government, that our Premier here supports this.
    The original trainer, Sid Attard, has ties to Frank Stronach who owns Gulfstream Park.
    Frank Stronach, and his Magna “Entertainment” racetracks are just as bad if not worse than the killers themselves.
    I’ve heard people refer to him as a slime ball racketeer, and it seems accurate.
    How can anybody participate/support/watch this mayhem going on and still support it?
    People and their respective government needs to get together and wipe this repulsive, and vile business off the planet.
    Better still, just don’t go, don’t wager, don’t watch, don’t support this.
    The apologists will always be delusional.
    Until then we will continue to educate, and be a voice for these racehorses dying in the dirt.
    Absolutely VILE.

    • I grew up around horse racing as my mum was a bookie in the UK. That was in the 50’s and 60’s. The stories mum told THEN were bad, but things have become so much worse. We all hear of great horses that meet dreadful fates – Eight Belles, affirmed, Barbaro, Shergar (still makes me cry) – but what torments me are the unsung, unmourned and unloved. The unknown horses that run their hearts out, sometimes literally, for no recognition. No oats, carrots or apples, just a frightening and lonely death, IF they survive at all. I have a strange connection to horses, one I don’t understand, I don’t patronize race tracks, I think the treatment of wild horses is also abysmal, I despise carriage horses and the list goes on. It puzzles me how so many people can be up in arms over things like the Yulin dog-meat eating festival thousands of miles away, but not see the horror in their own back yard.

      PS – my maiden name is also Powell.

      • Gaynor, I just want you to know that your “strange connection with horses” is shared by a number of us here – I am one. Your feelings about the unsung, unmourned and unloved?…my feelings exactly. And that’s just one of the reasons why I’m so grateful to Patrick for this site – so many racehorses labor and die in anonymity, but for those discovered and reported here, we can learn their names and acknowledge they once shared this earth with us. It’s not enough for me and it never will be – the only solution to prevent more racehorse suffering and death is the death of the industry.

      • So true Gaynor, and thanks for sharing with us your exposure to racehorses.
        The unnamed unsung racehorse heroes that run their sweat out, and carry this business on their backs, bones, tendons, ligaments, sore hooves;who live in a perpetual state of mental/emotional/physical trauma all for $2 bets.
        This is a blood bath, and a horror show all happening in the 21st century!
        I truly believe that the reason why this business is so dangerous is because they’ve convinced people, via fancy hats/entertainment persona, that this is okay – it’s NOT okay!
        At one time it was acceptable for a husband to get drunk at the Super Bowl and come back and beat his wife.
        This is no different, and the time will come when this is unacceptable, and illegal.
        I patiently wait, and cry as racehorse after racehorse drops dead in the dirt.
        I can’t stand it anymore.

    • And Mr. Battuello, it’s obvious that you must get off or derive some sick pleasure from this happening to horses as well. It takes a special kind of sick to scour charts and reports from tracks looking specifically for injured or dead horses under the guise of activism.

  3. Thanks for all your dedication to the beautiful horses that are exploited for the love of money!! People are ignorant!!

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