Marshall Plan Makes It 10 Dead Horses at Saratoga – With Over 4 Weeks Left

3-year-old Marshall Plan is dead after suffering a break while training at Saratoga Wednesday. Officially, the colt was euthanized at Rood & Riddle. The disclosure (by the Gaming Commission) brings the number of dead racehorses on those hallowed grounds this summer to ten. Ten – with over four weeks to go. Wake up, America.

Lakalas, May 28, “collapsed and died after breezing”
Queen B, July 6, “fractured leg while breezing…ambulanced to clinic – euthanized”
Wanztbwicked, July 22, “suffered an injury while breezing – euthanized on the track”
Angels Seven, July 28, “pulled up, injury to LF leg – euthanized on the track”
Howard Beach, July 29, “suffered a fracture to RF leg breezing and was euthanized”
Positive Waves, July 29, “suffered a fracture to his RF leg breezing – euthanized”
Brooklyn Major, July 31, “collapsed and died after the finish of the race”
Marshall Plan, August 2, “fractured condylar bone while training – euthanized”
Fall Colors, August 3, “horse fell at second fence, died on track”
Munjaz, August 3, “was pulled up…vanned off – euthanized”


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  1. It sounds like Something is very wrong with this track- like the cushioning layer over the base has thinned enough so that the shock from running is fracturing these horses legs. Read “Saving Baby” for a look at the seamy underside of horse racing.

  2. This is awful and all horse racing should be stopped and tracks closed!! It’s all about money and not the welfare of the horses!!

  3. The insurance money is worth more than these horses. It’s bullshit and they need to evaluate track conditions. So many are breaking legs while breezing clearly something is wrong

  4. Horse Racing Should be Completely Shut Down! It’s Not a Sport, it’s a betting machine. And it should be illegal in All States! The betting makes people poor, the Racing kills Horses, the wealthy who have stables of Horses should find a better way to spend their money! Save Our Horses!!

  5. It’s more than track surface. The blather from the track officials makes it sound like all they have to do is fix that and the deaths will magically stop. Right.

  6. Something is seriously wrong people. If that was humans running and this many incidents happened it would be highly struinzied. Wake up people we are the voice for the well being of these wonderful animals.

  7. if they allowed them to grow big and strong it would help my God i don’t start mine till 4yrs. old and for a TB they’re already broken down if not dead by then

  8. Sadly horses just don’t have bones as strong asthey usr to. Or so it serms to me. Just like there are more issues with kids today. I feel it may be more environmentally than what we think There are alway accidents. Just ask football players. Horses are athletes it is the way they are made. Just take time an watch wild ones some time. Yes tracts are some times cruel but so is working cattle or fighting mt lions or just life in a field. I would question if there were fences being jumped perhaps the layout is bad how was the footing? What was the health of the horses. Many factors come into play. Ask all the questions assess the answers before you make judgments

  9. Totally rediculous sport for what the ahole rich to get richer off insurance policies. What about the life of the poor horse 😠😠😠😠

  10. There is obviously a problem with the track someone needs to seriously look into it. This is so disgusting, it seems to me that nobody cares about there horses because if they did they would not even consider racing on this track ! Please owners & trainers put the horses safety and health before money ! This one reason people don’t follow racing anymore 🏇🏇

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