10-Year-Old Collapses and Dies Training at Remington

10-year-old Okie Ride collapsed and died – “a pulmonary event,” says The Blood-Horse – seconds after a training session at Remington Wednesday. The Blood-Horse, of course, only covered this because Okie was a big-earning (almost $800,000) champion “sprinter.” Obits in the racing press are for winners only.

While Okie’s connections, at least according to the article, do seem better than most (extended time off), I would ask those same people – Richter family, Kenny Nolen – why at ten Okie Ride was still on a track. Had he not earned enough, given enough, for you? Did you really have to squeeze one (two, three?) more Remington season out of him? So spare us the grief-ridden declarations – “all of us are just devastated” – and “part of our family” garbage. Truth is, you used this animal right into his grave.


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  1. Today is August 12th, 2017, and for the last two days I have left comments and telephoned our local poor excuse for a “newspaper.” They will not publish my comments, nor did I get anywhere talking to someone at the newspaper— he tried to talk over me, and said it was sport’s editor’s decision, and he was off ( it was Friday). Ken Tingley was off too. This newspaper is the Post Star— I asked why they could publish the racing line up every day, but not a word about the horses who died. I told him the public needs to know the “rest of the story.”
    I think most of the public is ignorant and needs to be given the facts. To have so many horses dying is a crime. Saratoga Racetrack is a disgrace!

    • Thank you, Bonnie. Keep up the pressure. In the greater Capital Region, we have been interviewed by all three local TV stations (and a radio station) and had a full-length profile appear this week in The Daily Gazette. We are getting exposure. Stay the course. The Post Star will eventually get the message.

    • Bonnie thanks for your effort.
      The racehorses need people like you,
      It’s a absolute disgrace what they did to this racehorse OKIE RIDE.
      I DETEST these people for what they did to him.
      Their demented usual line of being devastated is an affront to my intelligence.
      I abhor the supporters/participators of this legitimized animal cruelty.
      They need to have their asses hauled into court, and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
      Okie Ride belonged in a grassy paddock enjoying his earnings,
      Instead, he was run into the ground.
      They killed Okie Ride.
      Richter Family, Kenny Nolen I hope you rot in hell you heartless bastards.
      You should all be in the grave not this racehorse for your despicable lack of compassion like ALL race horse people who operate under a cloud of delusion.
      I want people to know that this is COMMON in horse racing.
      If they don’t kill them on the track then they DUMP them into neglectful situation if they don’t end up on the slaughterhouse floor.
      This is the real world of horse racing, and it needs to shut down now.

  2. A 10 yr. old being sent out to risk his life for money says nothing good about his connections. He had already earned quite a lot but evidently nothing toward a retirement. When is enough enough for these people.
    Now they don’t have to consider what to do with Okie Ride, he is dead.
    Shame on those responsible for his death.

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