Dead: Irish Prayer, Wanna Rock N Roll, Happy High Porto

For the second straight day, death at Belmont: Irish Prayer broke down while training yesterday and was euthanized (NYS Gaming Commission). The 4-year-old was fresh off two races at Saratoga in August.

Also in NY, 6-year-old Wanna Rock N Roll “collapsed in barn” prior to the 8th at Batavia Wednesday – “deceased.” On the chart, she was a mere “scratch.”

Finally, this from the (Equibase) chartwriter at Evangeline last night (race 2): Happy High Porto “was racing in mid pack…when pulled up in distress, euthanized.” Happy High was seven years old and under the whip for the 34th time.

Horseracing kills horses. Many. For $2 bets. Are we not better than this, America?


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  1. So sorry for all racehorses who died on the track.
    This business has not 1 good quality about it – not one.
    It’s full of evil from start to finish.
    Governments need to stop supporting this, people need to stop wagering on horses – leave them alone.
    Go gamble at a casino where you are not negatively impacting a sentient being’s life.
    This horrific business must shut down, it will shut down just like dog racing because it’s the same just the victim is different.
    Please folks educate, help get these hell holes for horses shut down.

  2. All these “mysterious” deaths. These horses are medicated by anyone on the back stretch—shot full of heavy duty drugs that have consequences. They are not veterinarians, but “hired hands”. And this is allowed to continue— why? $$$$$$$$$$

  3. If this doesn’t break you heart, I don’t know what … … — until these horses are treated with love, care & respect, these facilities exploiting animals for entertainment & profit MUST be SHUT DOWN permanently! — These animals who in fact are used as “employees” MUST be protected — they are vulnerable, innocent and always at the mercy of humans — we must ensure these humans are horse-loving humans — anything short of this, is NOT acceptable. —- Keep in mind, horse racing first began decades ago as a “fun” event — fun for all, horses and humans alike — then, slowly, it morphed into this cruel horror show — my heart breaks for the horses. — TO END THESE HORRIFIC DEATHS : No more betting, no more attending, no more patronizing racinos. — PLEASE, DO IT for the horses.

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