Cherishabull Dead at Louisiana; Lady Lilyann Dead at Thistledown

From the (Equibase) charts yesterday:

In the 1st race at Louisiana, Cherishabull “fell at the three quarters mark and was euthanized.” The 6-year-old mare was “For Sale” at $5,000 right before dying.

In the 4th race at Thistledown, Lady Lilyann “drifted out, suffered an injury near the quarter pole, pulled up sharply and was euthanized.” Lady Lilyann was two and had already been raced six times going into yesterday. In this same race, Circle Will Run was “pulled up in distress.” No word on her state.

This is horseracing.


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  1. I curse the owners, trainers, jockeys, and the gamblers . These gorgeous animals are dying for your pleasure. Shame on you!

    • Trish, Mistake, a,three year old, has raced 23 times in his short life….9 times as a two year old and 14 times this year. He is now a “bit” body sore and has osselets in both front ankles. Those involved in this horrific industry simply don’t care. Once we are able to process that fact, nothing should surprise us….nothing!

  2. So sorry for Cherishabull and Lady Lilyann.
    You were both subjugated to the vile operating procedures of this business that can result in dying.
    Major 5-horse spill in the 3rd race at Delaware yesterday.
    Evidently, all horses survived the spill, but no more details.
    The jockeys were not so lucky with broken bones and all, but they have a choice – racehorses don’t.
    Anyways, the racehorse REALLY slipped on the wet turf and went down as released in the statement.
    Turf races traditionally bring in more wagering, and so it’s a very hard decision for the exploiters to take a race off the turf.
    Whatever the reason it was unsafe, but so is every race where maiming and/or dying can happen in any given moment.
    This is horse racing.

  3. It’s possible this horse slipped on a wet turf course but when was the last time you’ve seen that happen with all the moisture that accumulates on grass.It is my belief that all of these excuses when a horse injures himself,slips,trips,stumbles or takes a bad step and falls,it is usually blamed on the track surface or footing which happens, SOMETIMES.It is my belief that these incidents are more likely to occur due to an undiagnosed muscular dysfunction,which leaves the horse unbalanced physically.Example,if a horse has a spasm,minor tear,it will undoubtedly shorten the muscle creating a dysfunctional gait and a premature onset of fatigue causing a very dangerous situation,fortunately most horses will slow themselves when they have had enough and the horses that don’t slow themselves and trust the jockeys continued urging sometimes don’t make it back to their barn.

    • Horses won’t “slow themselves” when they’ve received milk shakes (which increase stamina by buffering lactic acid in muscles).

      Or extracorporeal shock wave therapy (“Shockwave treatments can act as on-site analgesia in the area where energy waves are targeted. Scientists don’t know for certain how long that pain relief lasts, but it’s generally thought to be about 48 to 72 hours. ‘Part of the concern is we’ve got regulations addressing its use, but they’re virtually unenforceable,’ said Dr. Mary Scollay, equine medical director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Scollay estimates that the analgesia is strong enough to successfully mask certain types of fractures in the cannon bones for the first two to three days after treatment.”).

      Or any NUMBER of drugs that racehorses are subjected to – including but not limited to human designer drugs (from the PR; “Racing Integrity’s Newest Threat: Human Designer Drugs”).

      And finally, “bad step”?…”track surface or footing”? That’s BS. From the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine’s “Catastrophic Injuries in Racehorses”, this; “We have discovered that most fatalities due to a skeletal injury are predisposed by horses training or racing with a pre-existing injury.” PRE-EXISTING INJURY.

      To make this even more unbelievably cruel, there’s a jockey on their back WHIPPING them to continue running. Injured.

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