Multiple Deaths Yesterday at U.S. Tracks – All in the Name of “Sport”

Friday at the races…

In the 4th at Penn, Clear Status “fell in early stretch and was humanely destroyed” (Equibase). The 7-year-old was coming off a last-place claiming-race finish at this same track just eight days prior. Bernard Dunham trained.

In the 5th at Laurel, in but his 2nd time under the whip, 3-year-old Regal Note “broke down.” “Broke Down,” of course, is racing-speak for dead.

Then, at Charles Town, this:

3-year-old Mucho Paso collapsed after the 3rd and, I have confirmed, died. Collapsed and died – at three. Three races later, nine horses started, four finished. Of the five who did not, four “fell” but are said to have survived. The other, 4-year-old Bullet Bobby, went down and died in the barn area afterward. (The chart, by the way, had him “euthanized as a result of the accident.” This, says my source, is not accurate.)

And finally, this at Finger Lakes Tuesday (Gaming Commission): Ice Maker “being treated for colic without resolution – euthanized.” Ice Maker was three.

This is horseracing.


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  1. VILE.
    I often see, based on the PP’s, what I classify as the running “dead.”
    It’s clearly obvious that these racehorses are unable to run because of their, more than likely, broken physical/mental condition(s), but are forced to fill races just to have another number to bet on.
    These horses are so obviously suffering leading up to their death, but the apologists continue to support this, and that’s why they are all delusional.
    You choose to subject your horses to what most of us rational people consider inhumane treatment or to watch other horses be subjected to this in order to fill races.
    You don’t “love” or “care” for them – you exploit then dump them for the most part because that’s all you know, and this industry condones it.
    Then the horrific ongoing abuse of multiple drug violating trainers who are permitted to continue training when they have extensive “rap” sheets with multiple racehorses dying under their care!!
    This is not a business that facilitates “loving” racehorses, this is one that squeezes every last drop of sweat out of them before they either get mangled or dropped dead in the dirt.
    So sorry for all the racehorses who lost their life on tracks in this past week, but sure enough there will be more to come, and that’s what is so egregious.

    • And I see that the nightmare for Majestic Cat continues.
      At Charles Town on September 30, 2015 this gelding was involved in an incident threatening his welfare in the gates but in lieu of being scratched was forced to race, he came home 10th (last I think) and limped off the track. I’ve been tracking him ever since.
      And, again, he’s caught up in a shocking life threatening incident, a collision of horses and is reportedly still alive. Injured? We do not know. The racing industry doesn’t like to go there…….
      At the very least he would’ve suffered shock, trauma and fear. And its also highly likely that he suffered abrasions, grazing and a degree of bruising. X-rays, scans and the like would probably reveal if he suffered further injury but his connections may not bother with that, afterall, he’s not a famous racehorse like the recently retired Songbird whose owner had many tests done on her which revealed that she had serious issues and was lucky she hadn’t broken down in a race.
      Nope, Majestic Cat is a 6 yr old gelding racing for his life in the insidious claiming races with a for sale sign on his head. What a hellish life for this innocent horse. Makes me sick to the stomach!

      • I’m sickened by the ongoing abuse of Majestic Cat.
        Unfortunately, Majestic Cat is one of thousands who are exploited, and abused by this industry.
        Every single racehorse is subjected to the operating procedures of this antiquated business model, and is suffering to some degree – the extent is different for each individual, but the procedures themselves qualify for legitimized animal abuse.
        The PP’s of racehorses who end up dying for this vile business is a road map of abuse.
        If they make it out alive, they are vulnerable to further neglect, and abuse because their pre-existing conditions are often not known so they live in pain.
        Horse racing is no different than dog fighting or even canned Lion hunts.
        All are bred to generate profit, and to be dumped or killed when they are maimed.
        Supporters of this industry who claim to be the “good folks” of horse racing are anything but because they either abuse under a deceptive cloud, that is condoned by this industry, or they stand by, and watch this abuse go on.
        There are no “good folks,” there are only abusers, and enablers of the abuse.

      • Update: Majestic Cat raced on December 7, 2017 at Charles Town coming home 8th/8 last by 14 lens. Chart said “faded”. This horse has been performing poorly for quite some time now, yet his connections continue to race him and the racing authorities permit, support and condone this abuse.

  2. Sickening. My heart goes out to these and all horses. Horseracing must end. Horseracing will end thanks to people exposing the truth.

    On another note, house rules committee voted down two anti-slaughter amendments earlier this month, thus, not allowing them to go to a vote. Its now time to call your senator asking them to ensure that 2018 spending legislation for the Dept of Interior maintains the Prohibition on the killing and slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros HR3354. The hearing on this bill is this week. Another example of man’s greed and could have implications on the racing industry.

  3. The 7 y.o. should not have been racing in the first place. These sound like horses that are not well cared for, trained, or exercised for an anaerobic pace, are beaten with whips to try to get them to give more, not shown any affection whatsoever, and just abused and used in any manner to try to make money. They are broken down before they’re even put on the racetrack. Watch “Dreamer” and you’ll see different attitudes about the sport and the horses, although they weren’t in terrible condition to be racing in the first place.

  4. I know of someone who offered t buy a gelding that is being run into the ground at the $5,000 level. The offer was $5000 but was refused, Then the plan was to claim the horse but it was a vet, scratch.
    The person will offer to buy the gelding again.
    I will give the horse’s name if the purchase/claim is successful.
    My point is that rather than give the horse a safe retirement these people prefer to risk these old track warrior’s lives in order to wring the last dollar out of them, overworked sore and with chronic injuries as they are.

  5. I know nothing about horse racing but reading these comments makes me so sad 😭. We really need to stop racing these beautiful animals!

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