Three More Dead Racehorses

The (Equibase) line for 3-year-old Ouray in the 4th yesterday at Thistledown: “injured after the wire…euthanized.”

From the NYS Gaming Commission, Belmont, September 23: 2-year-old Al’s Nightmare “suffered a fracture to his left front breezing…euthanized.”

Also from NY, prior to the 10th last night at Batavia, 8-year-old Scootin Bay “came off track after warmup – collapsed in paddock area” – dead.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Vile.
    So sorry for Ouray, Al’s Nightmare, and Batavia – more victims of this horrific freak show.
    There are only 2 types of racehorses in active training: 1. the horses maimed or on their way to being maimed, but survive for more rounds of abuse 2. the DEAD.
    There are no compromises other than SHUT IT DOWN!

  2. I feel as if we speak into the wind. This age of business over spirit is wearing. My heart goes out to all the imprisoned and used commercialized beings, the animals. Humans place them as superior – but degrading the value of others end up as specious elements of evil. Welcome to the world. Now how do we make this better? Now?

    As an aisde, has anyone seen the photos of the horses traped in Puerto Rico racing stables!?!

    How about we start by outlawing keeping horses in stalls for more than 1 week? Just like we have outlawed dogs tied out. We MUST start the corrective actions.

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