Death Visits Parx, Hawthorne

The chart (Equibase) line for 5-year-old Honest in the 3rd yesterday at Parx: “Honest was eased in the stretch then had to be euthanized.” A life – indubitably intelligent, feeling, sensitive – dispensed with just like that. In a related matter, not a word on the death of the $5,000 (his “claiming” price) Honest can be found in the Racing press. Nor, as far as I can tell, are there “prayers and condolences” going out on social media. Hmm. Incidentally, two races prior, 4-year-old Tildeath Do Uspart “was pulled up in distress [and] vanned off.” As of this writing, no word on that outcome.

In the 4th Friday at Hawthorne, Dancing Nora, a 2-year-old being raced for the fourth time, “took an awkward step then fell to the track while striking a rival…vanned off.” We now know that this filly is dead – euthanized, according to multiple sources.

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  1. The collective individuals that participate and/or support this mayhem are all responsible for the deaths in some capacity.
    They are either the abusers and/or enablers of the abuse/maiming/deaths.
    Furthermore, the policies/rules of this industry does little to mitigate the damages done to these racehorses lives on a daily basis, including taking their life from them, and the jockeys get maimed/killed as well although they have a choice.
    This industry could have implemented much more protection/prevention for these racehorses/jockeys, from a policy standpoint, but they are running this business like the Wild West.
    If they all truly “cared” or “loved” the racehorses then things would change, but lip service is all they seem to offer because they need to fill races, increase wagering profits, and/or inflate egos.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died for this pathetic excuse for gambling.
    Please don’t patronize this antiquated business model that exploits racehorses to their deaths.
    Thanks to Patrick, Nicole for this informative, and factual blog.

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