A Pair of Horses Finish a Combined 100 Lengths Back – and Were “Whipped Through the Finish”

This from the Equibase charts for Penn Thursday (race 8): “SUNNYSIDE FRED chased the pace in the three path but was through after half a mile, was hit with the whip through the finish despite being eased. CAPITANO RICARDO ran towards the rear but had no response and was hit with the whip through the finish despite being eased.”

“…was through after half a mile, was hit with the whip through the finish despite being eased.”

“…ran towards the rear…had no response and was hit with the whip through the finish despite being eased.”

This race, by the way, was a $5,000 maiden-claiming – the lowest of the lows. In the end, Sunnyside finished second-to-last (of 10), 44 lengths back; Capitano last, 56 lengths back. And again, they were whipped till the end. Sunnyside’s abuser atop was Edilberto Rodriguez; Capitano’s, Julio Hernandez.

This was Sunnyside’s 5th race. His previous four, all at Penn, were last, second-to-last, last, second-to-last – a combined 84 lengths back. His trainer and owner throughout – Bruce Kravets, Richard Trechak. Capitano hasn’t fared much better, finishing 4th or below in 9 of his 12 previous races (remember, still in the “maiden” category). His “connections”: Mark Salvaggio, Richard Spicer, D. William Spitler.

Vile people. Vile industry.


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  1. “Vile people. Vile industry,” – absolutely correct.
    Policies protect the profits over the welfare of the racehorses for the most part.
    This is about exploiting a racehorse for gambling – period.
    To all you apologists/supporters/participants just think about this one example – there are plenty more.
    This is what YOUR supporting:
    Beating/whipping a sore/tired/non-competitive racehorse you bloody idiots!
    It’s also important to note that we are only getting a glimpse into about 1 minute of Sunnyside Fred’s life, however horrendous it is, but one can only imagine what this horse goes through during training hours out of the public eye.
    For all we know, he could be getting beaten daily to get him onto the track.
    All the “good folks” usually witness the cruelty, and keep their mouths shut so they are just as guilty as the abusers.
    In fact, many are so delusional that they actually think that this is okay – it’s NOT OKAY.
    All the people who had a racehorse in that race, all the spectators, and probably NOBODY filed a complaint nor are they outraged over these inhumane, and egregious acts on a voiceless racehorse!
    It’s the apologists, supporters, and participants that are all responsible for the ongoing inhumane treatment of Sunnyside Fred, Capitano Richardo, and countless others.
    You have the audacity to come on here, and defend this!!
    There are no “good folks” in horse racing in my view.
    There are only abusers, and enablers of the abuse.

  2. This breaks my heart when I see it. And apologists will say it doesn’t really hurt the horses, that they are just poppers that make noise. And yet, all 3 of my ottbs are terrified of whips now. I once knew a race trainer, who had formerly been a jockey, who used to brag that he could bloody horses because he could hit them so hard. And he said that like it was a badge of honor. But yet, the whips don’t hurt?
    Certain states have “whip laws”, but it’s not enough.

  3. WHIPPED despite being eased…being beaten by the humans they were carrying on their backs, while being forced to participate in a high-risk (of injury and death) activity they never consented to. That, horse racing. Who with a beating heart can SUPPORT that?

    SF and CR were trying to convey they were either INJURED or SPENT (likely both) yet were BEATEN despite their cries for help.

    Yet, “intelligent” individuals support this industry – the PA horse racing industry being especially pathetic. Give me wise, compassionate and possessing common sense any day…I’m certain the horses would agree.

  4. At our local track these types of races occur weekly. Although not whipped as much, these types of horses at our track clearly don`t want to be there. We galloped many of these types of horses and we always felt sorry for them as most were sore/tired and deserved to be just horses out at in a field of good grass.We quit galloping at our local track because of happenings such as this and because very few of the people there had any empathy for these poor horses.The horse people would just laugh at us when we would express our concerns.

  5. I thought jockeys could be fined or suspended for whipping a done in horse? I hope these horses are retired from racing and are sold to owners who never treat them like this again. But it probably won’t happen.

    • In most racing jurisdictions whipping is referred to by the euphemism “urging.”
      Moreover, most racing rules actually fine a jockey who doesn’t whip a done horse because the gamblers usually complain that their bet didn’t come in due to lack of whipping.
      Since this industries predominant driving factor is wagering the majority of rules are developed around this goal over the detriment of the racehorse.
      They do a very good job at wallpaper claiming to “love” and “care” for the racehorse, but a plethora of evidence proves otherwise.
      In Kentucky, they “love” their racehorses sooooo much that they don’t even have a maximum number of times a racehorse can be whipped/beaten – how considerate of them right?
      Barbara Borden, Chief Steward, on American Pharaoh getting the crap beaten out of him:

      This industry puts people in powerful positions only after they establish that their primary motive is to uphold the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and exploitation of racehorses for profit as clearly shown in this example.
      There are plenty more examples to go around.

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