After a Horrific Kill, Mahoning Runs Five More Races

Equibase reports this from the 3rd yesterday at Mahoning: “RUTH’S LOTUS went bad into turn and fell and subsequently euthanized on the track.”

“Went bad.”

Another horse, Angela’s Candy, “collided with stricken horse into the turn and went down” but, says the writer, “walked off.”

Ruth’s Lotus was a 3-year-old filly under the whip for the third time. Her two previous races, both at Gulfstream: last of 7 January 11, last of 8 February 16. Two last-place finishes then an eight-month layoff. Hmm.

The awfulness below (hit “Replays,” “Mo 30,” “race 3”; the fall comes quickly at around the :30 mark). The track announcer, with palpable indifference, says, “We’ve had two go down there on the corner.” In a related note, after the kill, which unfolded in full view of the assembled, Mahoning ran five more races. Yes, of course they care…


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  1. The Way He Moves will be shipped to slaughter at 6 pm today unless his bail is met, and Save Our Standardbreds From Slaughter can pull him. Less than 800.00 is needed now. If you can help, please visit their page, read the post, and view the video. He deserves better than a death at slaughter. He’s had a hellish life, won over 93,000.00 for some slob and no one from his past will help him now. When donating, mention “Horse Racing Wrongs” and I will match your donation. Thank you.

    • Karen, so incredibly sad but the same story will reappear tomorrow and the next day and the next day. I have been told over the years that there are “many” good people in racing yet I haven’t found that to be true. Sending positive thoughts for this sweet boy.

    • I did not see this post until this morning. Can donate if it still applies.
      They want 800.00 when he earned 3000,00 .
      This is nothing short of extortion and shows the darkness of this industry.
      The cruelty is mindbogling .

  2. I watched the replay of the 3rd yesterday at Mahoning. I can count on one hand the number of times I have watched replays where I knew beforehand that there was a breakdown and subsequent death. The trainer of Ruth’s Lotus was Bill Cowans and I knew Bill from Beulah Park so there was a “personal” aspect to this horse’s tragic death. I knew it was bad when I saw the fall on the backside. Ruth’s Lotus was just a baby….only three. I sincerely don’t understand how anyone can support an industry that kills babies, whether they be human or animal.

    I quickly took a look at a racing’s supporter’s FB page this morning, and this individual asks if there is any news on Jaime’s (the jockey’s) condition. He doesn’t ask about the poor horse, just the jockey. Another poster asks if anyone else/horses were injured and is answered with, and I quote, “Another rider went down they think he broke his collarbone.” Still no mention of the horse….you know, the horse that put her life on the line to provide a paycheck and entertainment for the humans who support this industry. We are constantly attacked for speaking out yet a racing supporter who, I believe, makes his living in this sinister industry doesn’t even mention the death of Ruth’s Lotus perhaps with the hope that she will quickly be forgotten. Not to worry, racing supporters….WE will remember her as her broken body is taken to the rendering plant.

  3. Racehorses surely are poorly treated — as if they’re stuffed animals — sometimes resold to another — we MUST get on board and fix this industry by abolishing all of its abuses & unconscionable cruelties — these true tales render obscene the common apologist claim of “treated better than you and me.” — for the lives of racehorses are no anomaly — they are the lives of most racehorses, which include — (1) deprivation; — (2) abuse; — (3) suffering; (4) — premature, often painful, death — In order TO END IT: — NO MORE betting, NO MORE attending, NO MORE patronizing racinos — PLEASE, for the horses.

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