A Kill at Aqueduct; “Flipped Over Backwards,” Dead at Golden Gate

This from Equibase’s account of the 2nd yesterday at Aqueduct: “HY BRASIL…took a bad step in deep stretch…stumbled…then was euthanized afterwards.” In fact, the 3-year-old colt was euthanized right there on the track. The Gaming Commission has filed this one in the “fatal musculo-sketal injury” file.

Also, the stewards at Golden Gate report this (November 5): “Thermodynamics flipped over backwards after exercising when getting a bath and hit her head on the ground…euthanized due to injuries suffered.” Yes, yes, this could have happened anywhere – or so say the apologists. But it didn’t; it happened at a racetrack to a racehorse who was being prepped and handled in between races. If Racing was wholly responsible for Thermodynamics’ existence, which it was, then it follows that it is wholly responsible for her now nonexistence. Industry casualty defined. (That said, this, like all similar deaths, will not appear on my Killed list as that is strictly reserved for track-related – racing/training – fatalities.)


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  1. Some more industry casualties, and so many more that we don’t know about on private training centers.
    The private training centers, from what I saw, are usually full of maimed racehorses on lay-ups.
    They have no regulations or oversight on these private training centers, and look what happens on tracks where there is supposedly oversight?!
    Wherever they die on the track or whenever they die for this industry it qualifies for an industry casualty.
    HY BRASIL & THERMODYNAMICS – so sorry for you both.
    This business has a built-in death factor, and it’s just a matter of time before we read about some more.
    We can stop this.
    Please stop patronizing racetracks, and educate others about the facts posted herein.

  2. We have worked at such private training facilities in our state. After speaking out about a filly who was trimmed way to short and was very tender footed upon galloping on the training track one lap. We said we would not ruin her by forcing her to gallop sore and we felt she needed at least two weeks for her feet to grow back before resuming riding.We of course were told to pack up and get out which we did in 25 minutes.The owner of the farm later just before we left said “alright we will give her two weeks for her hooves to grow back” He knew that he would not find a rider/ farm hand for only $500 monthly even in 1990! That filly, Five O Wonder, went on to earn over $45,000 the HARD way in crummy races on hard surface tracks in the NW. Later at the track when we checked up on the filly we were appalled when the woman trainer said she really did not care for the filly except she made her husband / owner happy with all the win photos she earned! We have felt so sorry for Five O Wonder!! She was SPECIAL, after gaining her trust as a young horse, we could ride her with NO bit, bridle,halter or even a neck string like some horse people do, let alone use a saddle! We could ride her with nothing at all but our hands and seat.

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