Whitewashing the Horror of Aspic’s Death

As I posted, the 6th race at Penn National Friday night not only produced a breakdown but an unconscionable eight-minute lag before the medical staff arrived on the scene to euthanize. Credit, I suppose, should go to the chartwriter for calling out the responsible parties. Here is the note as it appeared Saturday morning:

“ASPIC chased the pace on the outside, broke down at the three eighths pole and was euthanized after the ambulance took about eight minutes to arrive.”

Yesterday, that note was changed. But this was no mere tweak. Gone was the chartwriter’s editorializing but so, too, was any mention of a dead racehorse. Aspic was now simply “injured, vanned off.” This morning I awoke to yet another alteration. Someone at Penn (or Equibase) must have realized how bad this looks – as if one of their “athletes” dying on the field isn’t bad enough – and Aspic has once again been downgraded to dead, albeit without the eight minutes of suffering:

“ASPIC chased the pace on the outside, fell after suffering a catastrophic injury nearing the three eighths pole and was euthanized.”

“The Sport of Kings” is a ruse. Horseracing, in truth, is but a 20th Century gambling business that kills animals, regularly (over 2,000 a year on U.S. tracks alone). They do their damnedest to hide this, even, as the above attests, changing the facts as they go. It – horseracing – is a big lie. End it.


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  1. Cmon equibase you have some nerve touting about transparency and integrity in response to the penn oaks decision at parx racing and then this….and yet another dead racehorse at penn national rip ASPIC

  2. There is NO transparency in horseracing. Never has been and never will be. Those that participate in AND support this sinister industry know all too well that the “dirty secrets” need to be kept behind closed doors.

  3. Who do they think there fooling? How dumb do they think we are. Does anything embarrass this evil idiots? If this doesn’t embarrass them what does??

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