NY’s Dead-Racehorse Count Stands at 118

In the 4th at Finger Lakes Friday, Winter Wish, according to the chartwriter, “appeared in distress, pulled up and was vanned off.” We now know (Gaming Commission), however, that the 7-year-old is dead and, in fact, was euthanized where she lay. In other words, the only thing the “van” was carrying was a lifeless body.

The Commission also reports that 3-year-old Bail is gone after breaking while training at Belmont yesterday. Belmont and Saratoga, two of the U.S. racing industry’s crown jewels, have now combined for 60 – that’s 60 – dead racehorses in 2017. Vile.


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  1. The selfish mindset of human beings allows this kind of cruelty to endure. It is fed by greed and the desire to be in the limelight. On the “way to the top, animals are considered expendable; and in some cases, just a
    tax write-off.

    • Darlene, the most important thing in racing is filling the cards. One of my racing contacts was called into the racing office a few years ago and pressured to enter her horses even though her horses weren’t ready to race. The track was Mountaineer and that track, going back a few years, had two “dark” months…January and February. “Dark” months are those months where the track is closed and there isn’t any racing. She flatly refused to enter her horses (good for her) but felt that the racing officials were more interested in generating revenue (filling the cards) than doing what was best for the horses at the track. Not surprising to anyone who understands this sinister, and corrupt, industry. Racing is a gambling industry…not a sport….but an industry where profit will ALWAYS trump the welfare of the animals.

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