Magician’s Bullet Dead at Gulfstream; More Abuse at Penn National

Multiple sources have confirmed that Magician’s Bullet is dead after “breaking down” in the 10th at Gulfstream Friday. He was five years old.

Yet again, the Penn National chartwriter offers some uncommon insight: In the 6th last night, Flashy Baron finished last – over 28 lengths back; the writer says “[he] was no factor the whole way despite being hard ridden through the finish.”

“Hard ridden” while hopelessly out of it. Edwin Rivera was the jockey.

Flashy Baron is a 2-year-old who was being raced for the second time this week. Yes, that’s right, on Monday he came in 8th of 9 in a Parx claiming – 18 lengths behind (“far back” on the chart). Wait, it gets worse. The race before that, November 6 at Parx: last, 31 lengths back (with Rivera also atop on this one). October 24: 6th of 8, 18 lengths back. That’s four “career starts” for this pubescent equine – with an average lengths-back of 24. Abuse. Cruelty. Horseracing. The trainer/breeder is Charles Cuprill.


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    • The apologists support racing, therefore they support animal abuse and cruelty which is fundamental to racing. In addition, they know how corrupt racing is and how there are NO rules that offer even a modicum of protection to the horse – they know this is by design. They also know the commissions do nothing to “weed out” the huge population of bad actors in the business because it would mean the demise of racing.

      Further, they know the majority of people are opposed to animal cruelty and that is why we have laws against it – yet racing exempts itself from these laws.

      All things considered, when the apologists think of extremism they would do well to look in the mirror.

    This baby, a mere TWO (2) years of age, was raced TWICE in a week.
    And dies.
    His life stolen from him.
    Who in the hell passed this horse suitable to race?
    Clearly he was not coping, coming home very distanced, yet this horse was permitted to race twice in a week?
    I’ve read articles about terrible things going on with the horses at Penn…. so why hasn’t this place been shut down?
    A hell hole for these innocent horses at the mercy of the cruellest people.
    Pure evil reigns at Penn…..

  2. This is truly animal cruelty and over the top. These people who drive horses to death are criminals and should receive same punishment as animal abusers receive

  3. Things are about to get a whole lot worse or better for racehorses in PA depending on what direction they go:

    While the horse racing industry touts even bigger purses as a result of this transaction, the gaming company seems to remain relatively silent on what they are going to do with horse racing.
    There seems to be 2 sides to the story.

    If horse racing continues it will mean massive pain, suffering, cruelty, and inhumane treatment of racehorses most likely.
    Things are so bad for racehorses in PA right now as we see almost every day.
    Then there is the corruption that is rampant because they are never held accountable based on the most recent investigation, and subsequent court case.

    The huge increase in purses will only exacerbate their horrific predicament.
    This means increased pressure to fill races, increase profits with a limited horse population.
    This will all come down on the bones, backs, and bodies of racehorses.

    This gambling conglomerate has the entire gambling market monopolized in PA now so it will be almost impossible for people to gamble at casinos that don’t have a percentage of purse money going to support the vile horse racing business.

    I feel so sorry for the racehorses.
    Their only hope is that they decide to reduce or eliminate horse racing and focus on their other gambling venues.

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