Gulfstream Kills

I have confirmed the following kills in back-to-back days at Gulfstream:

2-year-old Time in Motion in the 7th Friday. As one racing site puts it, this was “his career debut” – the intimation being, of course, “what a shame.”

3-year-old Speighgal in the 9th yesterday. In its recap, the Daily Racing Form says the race was “marred” by Speighgal’s breakdown. “Marred.” Upon learning of the death, a poster on a pro-racing message-board uttered the following: “Good that I’ve seen this before watching the replay (now I’ll skip it).”

Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. TIME IN MOTION. Owner John Oxley. Trainer Mark Casse.
    This trainer has tons of racehorses stabled all over the place at multiple racetracks under Assistant Trainers for the most part.
    It’s not only the racehorses that are gravely affected by their business policies, but women and children as well.
    I knew of at least 4 males who owed lots of money for child support, and the tracks would protect them even cashing their checks from the racing stable they worked for so there would be no trace of income.
    Take for example Mark Casse – the trainer of Time In Motion.
    While Casse was fighting hard not to pay child support his good friends at Woodbine Racetrack handed over about 40 million dollars in purse money to this trainer when they apparently knew full well what was going on.

    Kathleen Patton started to spill the beans on Casse and his nefarious operations in Ontario just before the settlement, and then became quiet shortly thereafter.
    Among other things she talked about (paraphrasing) the needles in and out of just about any joint they could find into the racehorses under his direct care on his private training center within driving distance of Woodbine Racetrack.
    His allegedly direct connection to the Ontario state vet who seemed to be in collusion with the top trainers, and is STILL the state vet there having unprecedented access to information, Lasix needles, and the drug testing program.
    All this time the CEO’s at Woodbine knew what was going on and even enabled the abuse of his wife and children.
    Woodbine even had the security working on Casse’s behalf according to this article.
    They are a shameful bunch of animal and women abusers whose time is OVER, and not ONE DIME should go to this corruption pit – not ONE DIME of taxpayers money should go to support this abuse!

    His “working relationship” with top jockey Patrick Husbands who has numerous fines for beating the crap out of Casse’s racehorses including the champion mare Lexie Lou.
    You can always count on the Ontario government to hand over unprecedented sums of taxpayers money to this multiBILLION dollar business, and to protect this animal and child abuse while claiming to be transparent!
    I had to dig deep to find the rulings against the animal beater Patrick Husbands who Woodbine fully supports.
    The rulings are now hidden from public view the last time I checked.
    So much for “loving” and “caring” about racehorses or even children right?
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing.

  2. Frank Stronach owner of Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita and other tracks is now being honored by the industry with an Eclipse of Merit Award for “recognition of his outstanding success in racing.” Laughable.

    Then this: Alex Waldrop, NTRA President and CEO said. “Through his indomitable will, spirit and bold business ventures, Frank has built a tower of tremendous accomplishments…” AD NASEUM.

    Not one mention of the racehorses dropping dead on his racetracks like flies or dropping dead in their stalls.
    You would think that his “indomitable will” would be to stop this from happening.
    His “indomitable will” (in collusion with other apologists most likely) eliminates the names of racehorses and/or the race replays that clearly shows racehorses snapping their legs-off or otherwise while dropping dead on his tracks.
    His “indomitable will” was nowhere to be found when racehorses needed to be evacuated at his San Luis Rey Downs training center resulting in 46 of them burning to a crisp in their stalls.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

    These are facts – so sad, but the facts completely obliterate anything he’s done and replaces it with the brutal, and macabre reality of what’s behind the fancy hats, mint juleps, and “entertainment” banner.
    So sorry for all the racehorses that have died on this apologists tracks and training centers.
    Of course we don’t know how many has died on his PRIVATE training tracks in Ontario, and Florida.
    Considering all the facts I think that he should receive a “Merit for Dead Racehorses” award.
    That seems to be more accurate.

    Patrick you have another dead racehorse at Stronach’s training center Palm Meadows that prides itself on the “utopia” environment for racehorses.
    Utopia or otherwise it still doesn’t eliminate the inevitable horrific endings for many of these racehorses.
    Trainer MARK CASSE just had another one drop dead not even 2 weeks have gone by since TIME IN MOTION – see previous post.
    The ONLY reason why we heard of this is because this racehorse, LEAVEM IN MALIBU was slated for the 6 million dollar Pegasus World Cup – another one of Stronach’s “visions.”

    This is where the medical records should be immediately turned into the racing commissions or be accessed by neutral individuals because there’s no doubt in my mind that Casse, and his connections probably knew about an issue going on with his ankle which was probably being given multiple joint injections to keep him going!
    Of course we will never know because people in this industry, and their respective supporting structures ensure that this information is kept SECRET.
    They hide the abuse, and zippo repercussions for these racehorse killers.
    In fact, they are revered by the industry.
    This is what you are supporting every single time you place a bet.

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